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HMS Dragonfly


Sunk 14th February 1942


With Japan entering the war, the HMS Dragonfly along with two other gunboats, the ‘Grasshopper’ and ‘Scorpion’, sailed from Hong Kong to Singapore.

The Dragonfly and Scorpion helped rescue a brigade of 2000 men cut off at Batu Pahat.

1942/02/10 - The HMS Dragonfly left Singapore for Batavia, commandeered by Commander Alfred William Sprott, R.N.

Evacuating about 250 troops from Singapore to Sumatra they were equipped with life jackets.

1942/02/14 - Off Rusuk Buaja Island in the Banka Straights, she was attacked and badly damaged  by Japanese aircraft which were first seen at 0800 hours.

The Commander gave the order to abandon ship, the dragonfly later sank.


The roll below is of the crew fatalities

As supplied from Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Also good reference found in ‘Singapore’s Dunkirk’ by Geoffrey Brooke


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Ahmad Bin Sayidi,

MN 871


Batjan Bin Muhammad Ali,

MN 1126


Beckett, Douglas Pittman


Petty Officer Motor Mechanic

Bowie, Robert

D/SSX 23725

Able Seaman

Brown, George

D/KX 95520

Leading Stoker

Cantle, George Arthur

D/JX 255471

Able Seaman

Colburn, Horace Edwin

P/KX 100709

Stoker 1st Class

Constable, Reginald Albert

P/SS 117724

Leading Stoker

Coveny, Edward

D/JX 167587

Ordinary Seaman

Edgcombe, Cecil Lawrence

D/K 65869

Petty Officer Stoker

Edmunds, Martin


Petty Officer Stoker

Ferry, Daniel

P/CD/X 1886

Able Seaman

Finch, James

C/JX 247332

Ordinary Seaman

Gibson, Frank Edward

D/JX 137467

Petty Officer

Hill, William Thomas

D/KX 83585

Petty Officer Stoker

Iley, Sydney Leonard



Jackson, Harry

P/MX 65248

Engine Room Artificer 4th Class

Jamal-Ud-Din Bin Yusuf,

MN 1042


Johar Bin Uda Yahaya,


Able Seaman

Johnson, Walter

D/KX 121891

Stoker 2nd Class

Lovatt, Horace

P/JX 272870

Ordinary Seaman

Maddocks, Thomas Godfrey

D/MX 70099

Engine Room Artificer 4th Class

Morris, Walter

D/MX 48513

Chief Engine Room Artificer

Muhammad Ali Bin Sharbran,

MN. 680

Able Seaman

Muhammad Hanis Bin Yeob Abdul Aziz,

MN. 376

Leading Signalman

Muhammad Jani Bin Ahmad,

MN. 238

Able Seaman

Muhammad Nur Bin Nasir,

MN. 656

Able Seaman

Muhammad Sam Bin Baki,

MN. 1140


Muhammad Sani Bin Aboul Ghani,

MN. 724

Able Seaman

Pickett, William Thomas Joseph

C/KX 126510

Stoker 2nd Class

Price, James William

D/KX 120441

Stoker 1st Class

Prince, Ernest

D/J 106839

Petty Officer

Qamr-Ud-Din Bin Muhammad,

M N.104

Leading Seaman

Rafi Bin Marioh,


Leading Telegraphist

Ramli Bin Haji Abdul Karin,


Able Seaman

Reddington, John Joseph

D/SSX 19478

Able Seaman

Rees, Hoprin

D/J 167703

Able Seaman

Rothwell, Edward

D/KX 80573

Petty Officer Stoker

Sada Hari Bin Haji Saleh,


Able Seaman

Sanderson, Frederick Victor

PLY/X 116775


Smith, Edward Allan

D/JX 161069


Spiller, William Ronald


Able Seaman

Steadman, Ernest Clement

C/JX 174157

Able Seaman

Swinney, John Thomas

P/MX 51482

Engine Room Artificer 3rd Class

Thompson, Wilfred

P/KX 87981

Leading Stoker

Tombs, Charles William



Ungku Onn Bin Abdul Majid,

MN. 1116


Williamson, John


Able Seaman



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