To honour those who served their country

“In this their finest hour”


HMS Exeter Crew


With the help of  the Commonwealth War Graves




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Lamb, William


Langridge, Basil Frederick Jack

Able Seaman

Lansley, Alan Edward James

Chief Petty Officer Steward

Laxton, Robert James

Chief Stoker

Legg, Frank

Petty Officer Cook





Lamb, Harry

Able Seaman

Lambert, Albert T

Blacksmith 2nd Class

Lane, William J

Petty Officer Stoker

Lang, Thomas Fuller

Able Seaman

Langford, Elwyn

Able Seaman

Langmead, Percival J H

Stoker 1st Class

Last, Frederick J

Sailmakers Mate

Lauterback, Frank

Able Seaman

Lee, Leonard Lionel

Able Seaman

Leir, Richard Hugh


Letheby, William A


Lewis, A

Able Seaman

Lewis, Albert Harold

Stoker 1st Class

Lewis, Arthur G

Leading Stoker

Lewis, David Stanley George

Stoker 1st Class

Lewis, Ernest


Lewis, Francis H

Able Seaman

Lewis, Kenneth T

Ordinary Seaman

Lewis, William P

Leading Seaman

Lindsay, William

Able Seaman

Linscott, Leonard J

Ordinary Artificer 3rd Class

Lipscomb, Eric Streatifield

Lieutenant-Commander Torp Off

Little, Frederick

Petty Officer

Longworth, Eric

Electrical Artificer

Loyal, Joseph Henry

Chief Petty Officer


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