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Japanese Homeland Camps

The late Roger Mansell concentrated his research around Japanese Homeland Camps but we shared information which led to a friendship, although we never met except for emails, we had similar goals ‘The Sacrifice  FEPOWs made should not be forgotten’.

Roger sent me loads of databases but unfortunately I went down with pleurisy which kept me off the computer for a very long spell and put the writing of these pages on hold.

My breathing has improved, although I have to be careful, so I have decided to make a start which will be dedicated to Roger. This might take a while but will do my best, health permitting.

Thanks to:-

Japanese Homeland Camps

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Fukuoka Ube Fukuoka Ube (Later Fuk 7B: Fuk 2D: Hiroshima 5D: Hiroshima 7B)

  • See Hiroshima 7B


Fukuoka 1D - Omine-machi, Honshu Fukuoka 1D - Omine-machi, Honshu (later Hiroshima 6B)

  • See Hiroshima 6B


Fukuoka 2B - Nagasaki (Kawanami) Fukuoka 2B - Nagasaki (Kawanami)


Fukuoka 2D (Ube) Fukuoka 2D (Ube) (Later Hiroshima 5D: Hiroshima 7B)

  • See Hiroshima 7B


Fukuoka 3B - Yahata/Tobata/Kokura Fukuoka 3B - Kokura (AlsoYahata and Tobata)


Fukuoka #6B - Omine-machi, Honshu Fukuoka 6B - Omine-machi, Honshu (later Hiroshima 6B)

  • See Hiroshima 6B


Fukuoka 6D - Tanoura Fukuoka 6D - Tanoura

  • British & Australian transported in Seishin Maru from Singapore, many ex Java


Fukuoka 7B (Ube) Fukuoka 7B (Ube) (Later Fuk 2B: Hiroshima 5D: Hiroshima 7B)

  • See Hiroshima 7B


Fukuoka 11B Fukuoka 11B - (Later Hiroshima 4B)

  • See Hiroshima 4B


Fukuoka 12B Fukuoka 12B

  • See Hiroshima 5B


Fukuoka #14B - Nagasaki Fukuoka 14B - Nagasaki

  • Hollanders (300) arrive 1943/04/25
  • Holland nurses arrive 1943/05/15 from Fukuoka 2B
  • PoWs (12) from Moekden/Mukden arrive 194308/28
  • British Transported Hawaii Maru from Singapore 1943/12/04
  • Survivors (200) Tamahoko Maru 1944/06/25


Fukuoka 17B - Omuta Fukuoka 17B - Omuta

  • British, Australians & Hollanders from Thailand-Burma Railway dep. 1944/06/05 Singapore in Teia Maru arr. 1944/06/19 Japan.
  • British (200) from Thailand-Burma Railway dep. 1944/06/03 Singapore in Hiyoki Maru. arr. 1944/06/21 Japan.
  • 96 men from the Brazil Maru dep. 1944/12/27 from San Fernando, La Union arr. 1945/01/30 Japan, the losses on board were 440 out of 930 PoWs, they died from starvation, suffocation and disease. Australians dep.
  • Australians dep. 1944/12/26 from Singapore in Awa Maru (carrying 525 British, American and Australian POWs from the Thailand-Burma Railway) part of convoy HI-84, arr. 1945/01/16 Moji.
  • British and Dutch survivors of the hellship Hofuku Maru, sunk off Luzon 1944/09/21 with the loss of about 950 POWs arr.  mid-January.


Fukuoka #24B - Emukae Fukuoka 24B - Emukae

  • Australians & Americans transported Awa Maru  from Singapore 1944/12/26
  • British transported Taiko Maru  from Taiwan (Keelung) dep. 1945/02/27 arr. 1945/03/10


Fukuoka 25B - Omuta Fukuoka 25B - Omuta


Fukuoka 26B - Keisen Fukuoka 26B - Keisen (Yoshikuma)

  • British transported in Wales Maru (dep. Singapore 1943/05/16)
  • Australians transported in Awa Maru
  • Some PoWs transferred from Kobe House


Hakodate Main Camp - Bibai Hakodate Main Camp - Bibai

  • Transported Tofuku Maru, dep, Singapore 1942/10/27, arr. Moji 1042/11/27. 27 die at sea, many ex Java.
  • Transported Wales Maru, dep. Singapore 16 May 1943/05/16, arr. Moji 1943/06/07.


Hakodate 2B - Akahira Hakodate 2B - Akahira

  • British & American transported Taiko Maru, dep. Taiwan Feb. 1945, arr. Moji 1945/03/10.


Hakodate #4 - Ashibetsu Hakodate 4 - Ashibetsu

  • Americans transported Nitta Maru, dep. Wake 1945/05/09, arr. China. Overland to Port of Pusan then Japan.


Hiroshima 3B Hiroshima 3B - Tomano

  • British Artillery ex Malaya transported from Thailand-Burma Railway to Osaka. Then with ex Hong Kong to Tomano.
  • Peter Ross PoW at this camp, wrote ‘ Biscuits and Nightmares’.


Hiroshima 4B Hiroshima 4B - Mukaishima (Earlier, Fuk 11B, Hiroshima 1D)

  • Transported Yoshida Maru from Java 1942/10/22 to Singapore
  • British RAF (116) transported from Singapore Dainichi Maru arr. 1942/11/27 all ex Java.
  • Americans (100) transported Noto Maru arr. 1944/09/07.


Hiroshima 6B Hiroshima 5B - Innoshima (Earlier Yahata - Mukaijima & Fukuoka 12B)

  • British transported Yoshida Maru dep. from Java 1942/10/22 Java Party 5F arr. 1942/10/26 Singapore.
  • British transported Dainichi Maru dep. from Singapore 1942/10/30, arr. 1942/11/25 Moji.
  • British transported Tatsuta Maru dep. from Hong Kong 1943/01/19, arr. 1943/01/22 Moji.
  • Americans (3) arrive 1943/01/22


Hiroshima 5D (Ube) Hiroshima 5D (Ube) (Later Hiroshima 7B)

  • See Hiroshima 7B


Hiroshima 6B Hiroshima 6B - Omine (Earlier Fuk 1D & Fuk 6B - Omine)


Hiroshima #6D - Motoyama Hiroshima 6D - Motoyama (Later Hiroshima 8B)

  • See Hiroshima 8B


Hiroshima 7B (Ube) Okinoyama  Hiroshima 7B (Ube) Okinoyama (Earlier Yahata: Fuk Ube: Fuk 7B: Fuk 2D: Hiroshima 5D)

  • British transported in Singapore Maru 1942/10/17 from Java stopping at Singapore & Taiwan arr. Moji 1942/11/25. 60 died at sea.
  • British transported in Asaka Maru & Hakusan Maru
  • Arthur James was on the Singapore Maru from Java to Japan Hell-Ship


Hiroshima #8B - Motoyama Hiroshima 8B - Motoyama (Earlier Hiroshima 6D)

  • British transported Singapore Maru 1942/10/17 from Java stopping at Singapore & Taiwan arr. Moji 1942/11/25. 60 died at sea.


Nagoya 3B - Funatsu Nagoya 3B - Funatsu (Earlier Osaka 15B Funatsu)

  • British transported Arimus Maru from Hong Kong & Singapore


Nagoya 4B - Iruka  Nagoya 4B - Iruka (Earlier known as Osaka 16B)


Osaka 4B - Ikuno Osaka 4B - Ikuno (Earlier known as 19B)

  • Americans transported Tottori Maru (high POW no.) or Nagato Maru (low POW no.)
  • British & Americans transferred from Wakayama and Tanagawa Camps


Osaka #4 Disp. Camp - Sakurajima Osaka 4 Dispatched - Sakurajima (1st known as 8B)

  • British & Canadians transported  Tatsuta Maru from Hong Kong arr. 1943/01/22 Moji.
  • Australians transported Kyokku Maru.
  • Americans transported Coral Maru (Tagu Maru) dep. 1943/09/20 Manila. 70 day voyage 15 deaths at sea.


Fukuoka 1D - Omine-machi, Honshu Osaka 5B - Kawasaki, Kobe (Later Osaka 5 Dispatched)

  • See Osaka 5D


Osaka #5 Dispatched Camp (Kawasaki-Juko, Kobe) Osaka 5 Dispatched - Kawasaki, Kobe (Earlier Osaka 5B)

  • Australian & British transported Kamakura Maru from Singapore dep. 1942/11/28 arr. 1942/12/07. Java Parties 5A, 5C and 5G.


Osaka #6B - Akenobe Osaka 6B - Akenobe (Later known as Osaka 21B)

  • See Osaka 21B


Osaka #8B - Sakurajima Osaka 8B - Sakurajima (Later known as Osaka 4 Dispatched )

  • See Osaka 4D


Osaka 15B - Funatsu Osaka 15B - Funatsu (Later Nagoya 3B - Funatsu)

  • See Nagoya 3B


Osaka 16B - Iruka  Osaka 16B - Iruka (Later  Nagoya 4B)

  • See Nagoya 4B


Osaka 19B - Ikuno Osaka 19B - Ikuno (Later known as Osaka 4B)

  • See Osaka 4B


Osaka #21B - Akenobe Osaka 21B - Akenobe (Earlier known as Osaka 6B)

  • American transported Coral Maru to Sakurajima later transferred
  • Australian transported Kyokka Maru 
  • British survivors Lisbon Maru
  • British transported from Hong Kong.


Sendai 1B - Yumoto Sendai 1B - Yumoto (Iwaki) (Earlier Tokyo 6B & 4D)

  • Hollanders (145) arrive at camp.
  • British (252) transported Hakushika Maru dep. 1944/07/04 from Singapore, arr. 1944/08/13 Moji via Manila and Taiwan
  • Canadians (198) transferred from Tokyo 3 - Tsurumi


Sendai 3B - Hosokura Sendai 3B - Hosokura (Earlier Tokyo 3B)

  • Transported Enoshima Maru dep. 1945/01/25 Taiwan, arr. 1945/01/30 Japan.


Sendai 5B - Kamaishi Sendai 5B - Kamaishi (Earlier known as Tokyo 7B & Tokyo 3B)

  • Hollanders transported dep. 1943/09/26 Makassar Maru from Java arr. 1943/09/29 Singapore (Java Party 17).
  • Hollanders transported Amatsu Maru from Singapore arr. 1943/10/19 Japan.
  • Americans, British, and MV Hauraki crew transferred  from Yokohama Dispatch Camp 1945/04/13


Send #6B - Hanawa Sendai 6B - Hanawa (Divisional Camp. Formerly Tokyo 8)

  • Americans transported  (500) dep. Manila 1944/08/14 arr.  Camp 1944/08/09.
  • British transportation unknown


Sendai 9B - Sakata Sendai 9B - Sakata (Earlier known as Tokyo 22B)

  • British & Hollanders survivors of the Kachidoki Maru sinking.
  • Australians (29 of 31) survivors of Rakuyo Maru sinking.
  • Americans transferred from the Osaka and Tokyo areas.


Sendai #11B - Aomori Sendai 11B - Aomori

  • Americans transported Nitta Maru, dep. Wake 1945/05/09, arr. China. Overland to Port of Pusan then Japan.


Shinagawa POW Camp Shinagawa POW Camp (Later Tokyo Main Camp)

  • See Tokyo Main Camp


Tobata Tobata (Also Fukuoka 3B)

  • See Fukuoka 3B


Shinagawa POW Camp Tokyo Main Camp - Omori (Earlier Shinagawa POW Camp)

  • Film ‘Unbroken’ based on Louis Zamperini, who spent time at Omori from 1944 September to 1945 February. The ‘Bird’ was a camp guard.


Tokyo 2B - Yokohama Tokyo 2B - Yokohama (Later Tokyo 3B Stadium Camp)

  • See Tokyo 3B Stadium Camp


Tokyo 3B - Hosokura Tokyo 3B - Hosokura (Later Sendai 3B)

  • See Sendai 3B


Tokyo 4D - Yumoto Tokyo 4D - Yumoto (Earlier Tokyo 6B, Later Sendai 1B)

  • See Sendai 1B


Tokyo 3B - Kamaishi Tokyo 3B - Kamaishi (Later Tokyo 7B & Sendai 5B)

  • See Sendai 5B


Tokyo 3B Stadium Camp Tokyo 3B Stadium Camp - Yokohama (Earlier Yokohama PoW Camp & Tokyo 2B & Tokyo 3B)

  • British (620) transported Unknown Ship dep. 1942/09/04 from Hong Kong arr. 1942/09/15.
  • RCAF (4) transported Akagi carrier. Shot down S.E of Ceylon flying "The Saviour of Ceylon"
  • Americans transported Tottori Maru dep. 1942/10/08 Manila, arr. Moji 1942/11/11


Tokyo 6B - Yumoto Tokyo 6B - Yumoto (Later Yokyo 4D & Sendai 1B)

  • See Sendai 1B


Tokyo 7B - Kamaishi Tokyo 7B - Kamaishi (Later Sendai 5B)

  • See Sendai 5B


Tokyo 7D Tokyo 7D (Later known as Tokyo 13B)

  • See Tokyo 13B


Tokyo #8 - Hanawa Tokyo 8 - Hanawa (Later known as Sendai 6B)

  • See Sendai 6B


Tokyo 8D - Ashio Tokyo 8D - Ashio (Later known as Tokyo 9B Detached Camp)

  • See Tokyo 9B


Tokyo 9B Detached Camp - Ashio  Tokyo 9B Detached Camp - Ashio (1st known as 8D)

  • Transferred from Tokyo 8B - Hitachi.


Tokyo 12B - Mitsushima Tokyo 12B - Mitsushima

  • Americans transported Nagato Maru from Manila arr. 1942/11/26. 20 deaths at sea.


Tokyo 13B - Omi Tokyo 13B - Omi (Earlier known as 9B then 7D)

  • British transported Kyokko Maru from Singapore dep. 1943/04/25, at sea 25 days, originally Force "F".


Tokyo 16D - Kanose Tokyo 16D - Kanose (Later known as Tokyo 16B)

  • See Tokyo 16B


Tokyo 16B - Kanose Tokyo 16B - Kanose (Earlier known as Tokyo 16D)

  • British & American (100) transferred 1944/04/16  from Tokyo 2D Mitsushima.
  • British (103) transported from Singapore arr. 1944/06/29 under Captain Janis. These all had worked on the Thailand-Burma Railway.
  • Hollanders transferred 1945/06/05 from Tokyo 2B Kawasaki.
  • Reg Rainer was a PoW at this camp ‘Reg Rainer Returns


Tokyo 16B - Kanose Tokyo 22B - Sakata (Later known as Sendai 9B)

  • See Sendai 9B


Tokyo 23D - Kawasaki Tokyo 23D - Kawasaki (Camp closed  1945/06/30)

  • Survivors of the SS Nankin, SS Wellpark, SS Kirkpool and SS Willesden were picked up by their attacker the German raider Thor. They were transferred to the MV Regensburg and later the MV Ramses and handed over to the Japanese when reaching Japan. These were the first group in the camp.
  • Americans, British & Australians transported in Enoshima Maru dep. 1945/01/25 from Keelung, Formosa arr. 1945/01/30 Moji, Japan.


YAHATA Provisional POW Camp Yahata Provisional POW Camp (Later Fukuoka 3B)

  • See Fukuoka 3B


Yahata Provisional Fukuoka PoW Camp Mukaijima 14B Yahata Provisional Fukuoka 14B (Later Hiroshima 4B)

  • See Hiroshima 4B


Yahata Provisional - Mukaijima Yahata Provisional - Mukaijima (Later Hiroshima 5B)

  • See Hiroshima 5B


Yahata Provisional - Ube Yahata Provisional - Ube (Later Fuk Ube: Fuk 7D: Fuk 2B: Hiroshima 5D: Hiroshima 7B)

  • See Hiroshima 7B


Yokohama PoW Camp Yokohama PoW Camp (Later Tokyo 2B & 3B Stadium)

  • See Tokyo 3B Stadium Camp


Zentsuji PoW Camp 1-D Zentsuji PoW Camp 1D (Hiroshima 1D)

  • See Hiroshima 4B


Zentsuji PoW Camp 2B Zentsuji PoW Camp 2B (Later Hiroshima 5B)

  • See Hiroshima 5B






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