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Japanese Homeland


During World War II many of those captured were sent by hell ships to Japan. The journey to Japan was fraught with danger as the ships were not marked to indicate their cargo, many being sunk by the Allies.

Those who survived the journey worked as slave labour in factories and mines. Most of those who died are buried in Yokohama War Cemetery.  The seriously ill being taken by ship to Australia, those who died are buried in Sydney War Cemetery and Auckland Cemetery.

The Roll of Honour contains  British personnel only, it is hoped that other countries will be added in the future.

On a recent visit to Yokohama, Alistair Mackinnon spent some time in taking over 1,000 images of the cemetery which includes most of the plaques, these are being added.

Camp Rolls are now being added thanks to the late Roger Mansell who supplied me with them.


Roll of Honour British Roll of Honour

Camp Rolls Camp Rolls

Cemetery Plan Yokohama Site Plan

Cemetery Plan Sidney Site Plan


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