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Borneo Investigation Report



Investigation Report


Australion and Allied Prisoners of War

9 Australian Div. Area

15th Aug. 1945 - 27th November 1945


This report is compiled from the above mentioned file from KEW (WO361/781) and has been condensed as the file is 192 pages.



This report is an account of the investigations which have been carried out concerning the fate of Allied PoW and Internees in British Borneo (namely British North Borneo, Labuan, Brunei and Sarawak).

The report was compiled by Capt. L.G. Darling - Prisoner of War Liason Officer, HQ 9 Aust Div.


    Part One Part One - General

    Part Two Part Two - Investigations in the Jesselton-Sandakan-Ranau Area

    Part Three Part Three - Investigations in the Labuan-Miri Area

    Part Four Part Four - Investigations in the Kuching Area

    Part Five Part Five - Conclusion






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