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Borneo Investigation Report


Maj IKegami Statement - 14th October 1945

I came to Miri on 6th March 1945 from Kudat and took over 110 Air Field Maintenance Supply Bn. My HQ was in the vicinity of the big derrick Lutong. When it appeared an Allied landing was imminent all Units in Lutong area were reformed and placed under my command.

I left Lutong on 20th June 1945 preceded by advance parties who left some days earlier. Roma Tai was one of the units that proceeded me. On about the 26th June at 1600 hours I arrived at Pangaran Piniku and found the Roma Tai already there. When I arrived there I issued orders for the deployment of Units under my command. After I had had a wash and a meal, Lt Takahashi Yoichi reported to me, in the absence of Lt Shimozawa OC of Roma Tai. He told me the Indian PoWs were getting troublesome and out of hand and that about 20 of them had escaped. As there were not many guards, Takahashi asked for more men. As I was busy at the time I did not give him any more guards. Takahashi then told me some more poWs were preparing to escape and asked me what he  would do. I then ordered Takahashi to kill those intending to escape. At the time I heard the sounds of Indian PoWs being beaten about 50 to 60 meters away. Takahashi gave orders for those Indians to be beaten. At 100 hrs on 27th June 1945 Takahashi came to me and said “Let’s execute the PoWs.” We then took the PoWs. numbering about 11, to a gully about 300 meters away from HQ and there we executed them. The execution party consisted of myself, 1st lt Takahashi Yoichi, 1st Lt Takahashi Tatsuo, 2nd Lt Hisano, 2nd Lt Miyoshi Ren and Cpl Takahashi. O shot one of the PoWs with my pistal and beheaded one with a sword. The remainder were beheaded or bayoneted. Everyone alse beheaded one ot two of the PoWs but I do not know about Takahashi Yoichi. I do not know the names of the PoWs but Takahashi Yoichi does. As there was no doctor in the area he was not present at the execution. The PoWs were buried in 3 graves dug by themselves and soldiers. I sent a written report to Aikyo Butai stating the PoWs were killed because they were preparing to escape.


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