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Borneo Investigation Report


2/Lt Shimozawa Takaharu Statement

My Name is Shimozawa Takaharu and my unit is Sugotai of Aiko Butai. I arrived in Lutong in March 1944 and I joined the Sasono Tai and was employed on clerical duties for three or four months after which time I went to Thokushi Romutai where I was responsible for guarding stores. I May 1944 I was placed in charge of Indian PoW. In September a Skh PoW named Lachmann Singh escaped and he was recaptured. He escaped again on 22nd November 1944 and he was recaptured on 24th November 1944. Then on 25th he escaped  again and was recaptured 8th December, on the main road of the tank farm and taken to the PoW compound. he was taken to my house by one of my subordinates and placed in the office with his feet tied. That evening he was fed and taken down to the barracks where his bonds were untied. I assembled the coy and they fell in in front of Lachmann Singh. I then addressed the coy and said “This man has run away four times and you are all responsible.” I then ordered the coy to fall in in one long rank and to march past Lachmann Singh and slap him. After 50 men had slapped him I stopped them because the prisoner had fallen down. I then ordered three of my men named Saito, Hirai and Making to beat him. I watched Saito beat him for about 10 strokes and then went away to the oil tanks which were burning. I forgot to mention that I ordered six Indian to beat Lachmann Singh before Saito beat him - there were heavy and light blows struck - I don’t know how many but I was not satisfied and ordered Saito to commence beating him. I saw him for about 10 strokes and then Hirai beat him but I don’t remember how many times. At the end of this time he was unconscious and bleeding all over. The beating continued while he lay on the ground. I then nroke the parade off and ordered Saito to bind his hands and tie him to a pole outside the guard house. I did this to prevent him running away when he regained consciousness. I did not give Lachmann Singh any medical attaention. After giving these orders I went to the tank farm which was burning and reported to Lt Sugo and Sasano San. I stayed there for two hours and then reported back to the compound. This was about half past eight at night. When I arrived the medical orderly reported to me that Lachmann Singh was dead. He stated that he had administered an injection to him shortly before he died. I then reported to Sugo and Sasano San that Lachmann Singh was dead and I called a doctor to examine him. I ordered him to be cut down from the pole and taken to the hospital where a doctor examined him and filled in a certificate that Lachmann Singh had  died of malnutrition. The doctor’s name was Lt Hatashita. I did not have Lachmann Singh examined before the beating by a doctor because it was not my practice. When I made my verbal report to Sugo abd Sasano I mentioned that Lachmann Singh had been beaten to death, but being weak could not stand the punishment, but in my official report I stated that he died of malnutrition.

I handed my report to Hashimoto San who was civilian in charge of administration. Neither Sugo or Sasano made enquiries or asked any questions about Lachmann Singh’s death. I was in charge of 220 Indian PoWs I have no records of them now I was ordered to burn them. This order was issued by Miyagi Shotiro a civilian in charge of records.


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