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Royal Engineers-tn

2125466 (2125416)


Harold Perry


1909/04/27 - Born Walsall

Son of Alfred and Rose Perry

Occupation Labourer Machine Tools

Royal Engineers

42/43 Field


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Captured Singapore

PoW No. 5560

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1942/11/05 - Transported to Thailand in Letter Party ‘M’

Under Lt-Col. G. E. Swinton, 2/East Surreys

New PoW No. 43864

Transported back to Singapore

1944/08/21 - Transported on the Hofuku Maru


 The Hofuku Maru was sailing from  Singapore to Miri, Borneo as part of convoy  SHIMI-05. The convoy consisted of 10 ships, 5 of which carried, in total, 5,000 POWs, all in appalling conditions.

At Borneo, the Ho¨fuku Maru left the convoy with engine problems, and sailed on to the Philippines, arriving on 19th July. She remained in Manila until mid-September while the engines were repaired. The POWs remained on board, suffering terribly from disease, hunger, and thirst.

On September 20, 1944, the Ho¨fuku Maru and 10 other ships formed Convoy MATA-27, and sailed from Manila to Japan. The following morning, the convoy was attacked 80 miles north of Corregidor by more than 100 American carrier planes. All eleven ships in the convoy were sunk. Of those on the Ho¨fuku Maru, 1,047 of the 1,289 British and Dutch POWs on board died. The remainder were picked up by the Japanese and transported to Bilibad Prison, Philippines.

Hokusen Maru-3

1944/10/01 - PoWs loaded into holds of Hokusen Maru

1944/10/03 - Underway from Manila to Japan

This was to be one of the longest hell ship voyages of the war.

1944/10/11 - Anchored Hong Kong. Carrier planes attacked on 13th October.

1944/10/21 -  Under way to Taiwan

1944/10/24 Arrived Taiwan

1944/11/08 - 294 selected PoWS debarked and sent to Toroku, Taiwan. During the entire voyage, at least 36 PoWs died on board and buried at sea.

 1945 Jan/Feb - arrived Japan aboard either the Melbourne Maru (Mid January) or Enoshima Maru (Early February) from Taiwan

The journey from Singapore to Japan taking 5 months

1945/02/11 - Fukouka 17B - Omuta

Worked in Mitsui coal mine

1945/09/15 - Released for repatriation



Mervyn Stone

Hell Ships by Ron Taylor

Hofuku Maru - Roll of Honour by Ron Taylor

Phillipines - Roll of Honour by Ron Taylor

Hell in Five - by Jack Symon

Japanese Homeland Camps - Roll of Honour by Ron Taylor

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