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ALFSEA = list sent from ALFSEA to Colonial Office just after the conclusion of the War. Note: this list may be unreliable in parts insofar as it includes some people known to have been on other 1942 evacuation ships – such as the “HMS Grasshopper” and “Tien Kwang”

AUF = book “Angels under Fire”

BMP = Personal recollections by (Nursing Sister) Mrs. Brenda Macduff and references in her diary

BPPL = List of people from Singapore and Malaya with their last known situation prepared in Changi prison camp during 1942 by Mr. Jack Bennett ( aged about 45 years and described as a merchant with the General Import/Export Borneo Co., internee # 386 in Changi) from internees in Changi Civilian internment camp and POWs and Internees passing through that camp in Singapore during 1942. The list is recorded in tiny “Pin point” writing on eighteen sheets of ‘Jeyes’ toilet paper that is unreadable to the naked eye.  It is held in the National Archives of the United Kingdom and is a unique and invaluable record of the last known sightings of many missing men.

CAS = “Casualties at Sea” file WO 361/462 in National Archives, Kew, UK.

(C….) = The Changi Museum, Singapore – on line database of Civilians (see their website).

CWGC = Commonwealth War Graves Commission website – which contains 87 names of people who were killed in the bombing and sinking of the “SS. Kuala”. For whatever reason there are also quite a number of people whose deaths are recorded by the CWGC but no mention of them being on the “Kuala” has been made

ECEP = European Civilians Embarked from Padang 1.3.42 list held by Rosemary fell

EFSGR = book “The Escape From Singapore” , by Richard Gough.

Evans = report by Sister Margaret A. Evans, QAIMNS, in May 1942 in India with list of QAIMNS and their fate. Information supported by Miss Bryant, T.A.N.S.

FTB = book “Facing the Bow: European Women in Colonial Malaya 1919-45” by Jean Teasdale

IWMDM = Story of (Nursing Sister) Marjorie de Malmanche lodged at IWM

IWMM = Story of Dr. Marjorie Lyon lodged at IWM

IWM-S = Edith Stevenson diary lodged at IWM

JPB = Japanese Propaganda Broadcast, publicized in a 1943 edition of the Malayan Research Bureau bulletin, of a list of people ostensibly ‘captured’ on the “SS. Tanjong Pinang” after it had picked up around 208 survivors of the Kuala” sinking from Pom Pong Island. This is also recorded in the book “Singapore to Freedom” and the MRB bulletin in the Imperial war Museum and the National Archives of Australia. As can be seen from the correlation of names in the list below, this has proven to be a very accurate list ( they even have the first names of several people on board who are listed by the CWGC with only initials) of people on the “Tanjong Pinang”.

A private letter (from someone in the Survey Dept., Singapore) to the widow of Captain Basil Shaw, captain of the “TP”, after the war questioned whether this Japanese Broadcast ever happened and attributed it entirely to a list compiled by survivors of the “kuala” gathering names whilst on the beach of Pom Pong Island – after the “TP’ had left with its complement of women and children. The reference source title has been left as “Japanese Propaganda Broadcast” because of its historical occurrence in documents of the time.

This conclusion is backed up by the finding, during the compilation of this research, that the JPB and the list recorded under the name of survivor Mrs. Luba Ruperti are almost exactly the same – including errors and matters of fine detail. It seems that what happened was in fact that the Malayan Bureau, GHQ. India chose to issue this list under the guise of it originating during a Japanese Broadcast. At that time they would not known that the “TP” had been sunk with almost total loss of life.

McCormick = interview by author and war time Malaya historian Audrey McCormick of survivor Raymond Frazer, 250 AMES, RAF in 2002.

MVG = Evacuees list on Malayan Volunteer Group Database

MS = book Margaret Shennan “Out in the Midday Sun: The British in Malaya 1880-1960”

MH = Mary Harris (comprises confidential personal accounts given to Mary on these sinkings)

Moffat = Jonathan Moffatt, author and Malayan historian

NIL = Low, Ngiong Ing 1973 book “When Singapore was Syonan-to”

MRB = Malayan Research Bureau bulletin

MVDB = Malayan Volunteer database of John Brown

PBD = Nurse Phyllis Brigg’s diary

PODC = Presumption of Death certificates issued for people who died on “Kuala”– list in PRO

QH = “Quiet Heroines” book by Brenda McBryde

QARANC = official website of the Queen Alexandra Nursing organisation

Ruperti = list provided by Mrs. Luba Ruperti to Malayan Bureau in 1943 (PRO)

TKD = book “Life and Death in Changi” the published diary of Thomas Kitching

SDGB = book “Singapore’s Dunkirk” by Lt. Cdr. Geoffrey Brooke, DSC., Royal Navy ISBn0-85052-051-7

SE = Shirley Eames correspondence

SIA = book “Sisters in Arms”

SJ = Mr. Stanley Jewkes, of Florida, USA. Mr. Jewkes was working for the PWD in Malaya and was a survivor of the sinking of the “Kuala”. He has had a most distinguished international career as an Architect and Engineer, including studies for the World Bank and United Nations, and is the author (under the pen-name ‘ARCAS’) of the book “Humankind? Plant Earth’s Most Enigmatic Species” ISBN 0-7596-8787-0.

STA = the internet archives of the ‘Straits Times’ newspaper

STF = list in book “Singapore to Freedom” by Oswald Gilmour

Wang = letter dated 11. 4.43 from Mr. Wang Hau-nan to the Chinese Embassy, London (lodged at PRO)

WSF = book “When Singapore Fell” by Joseph Kennedy

WNSF = World Naval Ships Forum website.

WBTW = book “Women beyond the Wire” A story of the Prisoners of the Japanese 1942-45, by Lavinia Warner and John Sandilands


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