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An old Chinese women and her granddaughter – who were rescued back to Singapore with the Low family (NIL)

Bank Of China employees – the families of two ( out of twelve who boarded the “Kuala” in Singapore) employees of the Bank of China boarded the “TP” (Wang)

Mother with two children ( one a baby) – died (book  “Angels Under Fire”)

Soldier - with large wound in his back (book “Angels Under Fire” )

Woman with 18 month old child  - she had received a head wound in initial bombing of “Kuala “ in Singapore; she died during the night of 13.2.42 and was buried at sea at midnight that night at the same time as Sister Olive MacFarlane. (IWMDM). This has since been confirmed to be Mrs. J, Cairns whose husband and baby son survived the bombing, sinking and internment (see above).

Two Sisters - (nursing?) from ‘up country in Malay” - appear to have died during the bombing of the “Kuala” at Pom Pong island (IWMDM); this may be the same group as “3 sisters – three young European women all dressed alike names unknown” ( list of people on either the “Kuala” or “Tien Kwang” at PRO) or it could have been a reference to the daughters of the de Souza or Zehnder families.

Two young Chinese nurses – who were “…dead (drowned) on the beach…” at Pom Pong island (IWM 99/50/1)

Two Chinese nurses – two Chinese nurses, K.L. seen on Pom Pong island (CAS)

Sixteen year old Eurasian girl – died of Peritonitis, caused by a bomb blast at Pom Pong island, she died on 14. 2. 42

Four Girls from the Indian Medical Nursing Home Johore  - listed as being on the “TP” (JPB); also “three Indian girls from IMNS were seen on Sinkiep(sic) – with the implication that these might have included Miss Fonsoka IMNS (CAS); however there is also a listing of 5 other Indian IMNS as being “…18 hours Davo…” which means they would have survived the sinking of the “Kuala” and never boarded the “TP” (CAS); this group possibly included Sister Betty Hollands ( who died on 16.2.42 see above) and perhaps Miss Joyce Hollands

Jean – “…a little Eurasian girl of about nine years..” , who kept up morale by leading singing (IWM??)

Jenny – a Nurse and friend on Janet Lim ( “Sold for Silver”), died leaving the “Kuala”( see reference to Sister Jenny Lim, IMNS)

Mary – a friend of Janet Lim ( “Sold for Silver” )

“Janet” – a Nurse killed in the bombing of “Kuala” in Singapore (“Sold for Silver” – this may or may not be a mistake or an effort to preserve anonymity by the author) and is almost certainly Nurse Olive Macfarlane was killed by shrapnel whilst the ship was still at anchor in Singapore and it may have been a reference to her.

“Lydia” – nurse  (SIA)

A survivor from the “Prince of Wales”

A little girl named Susie and her mother - seen by Janet Lim as they were swept away by currents from Pom Pong Island after the sinking of the “Kuala”

English man married at the beginning of February 1942 – was on a life raft with Janet Lim ( “Sold for Silver “ p. 119) – may have survived

Mao – a tall, thin Siamese women who had been in a cabin next to Janet Lim ( Sold for Silver” p. 135); she was interned with Janet Lim; this is possibly Mrs. French whose husband was killed in the bombing of the “Kuala”

Thai man - husband of Mao ( above) injured by a splinter in his lung in the bombing and died after drifting in a lifeboat; this is possibly Mr. French an Anglo/Indian man above

The mother of a Eurasian nurse – described by Mrs. Low as “…old, blind, mother who was enormously fat…” This older lady reached the safety of Pom Pong Island.

Miss Marie ?, N.A.S., Eur (Nurse) seen on “Kuala” and on Pom Pong Island (CAS)


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