To honour those who lost their lives

“In this their finest hour”

Evacuation Ships


Passengers and Crew




Presumed Dead


Died During Internment




Presumed to have Survived (known to have survived the sinking, but nothing further known)


fate not known


GALE – Miss M. E. Gale, T. A. N. S., 1st Malayan General, , “…not seen since shipwreck…” of “Kuala” (Evans); Sister Marjorie Eveline Gale, Territorial Army Nursing Service, #213310, daughter of John and Georgina Gale, of Sevenoaks, Kent – she died on 14.2.42 (CWGC)


GARDNER – Mrs. Alice Marcella, age 53 years, civilian, wife of Angus S. Gardner – died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC); in letter to a fellow internee in Changi, Angus Gardner learned that she had “...drowned after bombing of Kuala…” (TKD. 253); Ms. Gardner on “Kuala” (ALFSEA) – but then in apparent contradiction “Ms. A.M. Gardner boarded “TP” (ALFSEA) also (with a confusion of surnames) probably the same person is the record “Gardner, Miss, wife of R. H. Green, Braddle Bros., Singapore. Unofficially reported by brother-in-law. Ex Kuala- transshipped 16.2.42 Tanjong Pinang Island. Unofficial report from Mrs. K. Stevens” ( list of civilians on “Kuala” and TP” at PRO); there may have been a Mrs. and a Miss Gardner in this group or  this may be the same person as,

GARDINER – Mrs. Gardiner, QAIMNSR, (Malayan Service EMNS), “…not seen by any survivors since shipwreck…” (Evans)


GARDINER – Mr. E. A. Gardiner, PWD (PWD list at PRO); Major Edmund Austin Gardiner, SSVF, Senior Executive Engineer waterworks: arrived Colombo 10.3.42 on the “Chitral” (MVDB & CO 980/7); “… in Palestine…” (ALFSEA)


GARVIN – Dorothy, QAINMS, “…curly headed Scots QA…” she left the “Kuala” with her friend Lydia, reached a lifeboat and finally landed on Pom Pong Island. She reached Padang and was evacuated with six other women from the “Kuala” on a warship ( SIA) ; also listed as embarked on “Dragon” on 3.3.42 (ECEP); survived (“Angels Under Fire”); also Sister (Miss) Goven (sic) Q.A., “Bengal” (CAS); Miss D. C. Gavin (sic) , QAIMNSR, Alexander Hospital, Singapore “…now stationed Cawnpore, India…” (Evans)


GENTLES – Sister Mary Gentles of the Colonial Nursing Service, who had been based at Alor Star, was killed whilst swimming to shore at Pom Pong island .She died because she was wearing a lifejacket and could not submerge when the Japanese bombers returned to strafe the survivors swimming to shore (QH); there is no record of her death at the CWGC


GEORGE – Lt. George survived sinking (WNSF); Frederick Henry George, Chartered Accountant and Lt., MRNVR, was earlier on “HMS Kampar” and then became Navigation and Gunnery Officer on the “Kuala”. He died shortly after escaping from Sumatra on the “HMS Tenedo”, during a Japanese raid on Colombo on 5.4.42 (MVG)


GERARD – Mrs. C. Gerard, wife of Mr. A. J. Gerard,, someone reported her as “…last seen diving off the “Kuala”.. “ , in fact she reached Australia then Capetown, South Africa ( MVG)


GIBSON – Miss Annie Gibson, MEO. - listed as on “TP” (JPB and Ruperti); Miss A. Gibson, S. G. H., seen on “Kuala” and Pom Pong Island (CAS); Sister ( Miss) Anne Frame Gibson, Colonial Nursing Sister, age 35 years, (British), b.1907. of Forth, Lanarkshire – died on “TP” (C1835) and (CWGC); Colonial Nursing Sister , Alor Star (MVG); probably the same person as Ms. A. F. Gibbon, Civil Nursing Sister (ALFSEA); this person may be the same as,

GIDEON – Miss A. Gideon S/N, seen on “Kuala” (CAS); Miss A. Gideon, (KL) left on “TP” (Ruperti)


GIFFEN – Miss Giffen, Singapore (STF); Miss K. E. Giffen, Nursing Sister in 1935 and then General Hospital, Johore Baru, and then after the War. She reached Colombo and the UK (MVG); also probably the same person Miss G.H. Giffen G.H., (CAS)


GILMOUR –; Mr. D. W Gilmour Eng., MCCP,, listed as on the “Kuala” and “…ship Col sailed England…”(CAS);Lt. Oswald W. Gilmour, 1st Btn, SSVF , #11137, Deputy Municipal Engineer Roads PWD (MVDB);  “…in Singapore…” (ALFSEA) Oswald Gilmour, BA., AMICE., Deputy Municipal Engineer Roads, PWD – he reached Perth , Western Australia ( Author of “STF”)


GODFREY – seaman on “Kuala” ( I. A. Inglis list PRO)


GOMES – Mrs. Violet Elizabeth Gomes, aged 41 years, wife of Walter Gomes, 41 St. Patrick’s Road, Telok Kurau, Singapore – died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC); Private W. G. Gomes was in the 1st Btn , SSVF “D” Company

GOMES – Frank Dudley Gomes, aged 16 years, British, son of Walter and Violet Gomes, 41 St. Patrick’s Road, Telok Kurau, Singapore – died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC)


GOWANS – Mrs. A. H. Gowans, Singapore ( Inglis list PRO);this is Mrs. Sophie Gowans of Leith, wife of Andrew  Gowans ( CWGC);  Private Andrew “Jock” Gowans, 1/SSVF SASC (V) ,#13512, aged 41 years, was an Engineer Sanitary Engineers and died of Malaria at Quite (Thailand?) on 12.9.43 (MVDB and CWGC); Mrs. Sophie Gowans( aged 35 years), together with her sons Andrew (8 years0 and James (7 years) in fact arrived in Bristol on 10.11.42 on the “Britannic” from St. John, new Brunswick , Canada along with a large group of women from Malaya – including Mrs. Penelope Stevens who had also been on the “Kuala”.


GREEN – Mr. E. A. Green, PWD (PWD list at PRO); Edgar Green was sighted after the bombing by Brundle (PWD) and recorded as”…wounded but survived…” (IWM 99/50/1); he was badly wounded in the legs, on a raft and swept 16 miles away to an uninhabited island ( as recorded by D. Mackay, Report No.2 ,Malayan Research Bureau);  Lt. Edgar Arthur Green, 1st Btn. SSVF, SRE (V), aged 30 years, Assistant architect PWD., suffered leg wounds and on Singkep. Interned Medan and then in 1944 in Changi( MVDB)


GREEN – Sister M. E. Green was a Civilian or Colonial Service nurse (QH); Millicent Elsie Green, (British). – died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC)


GREEN – Mrs. Peggy Green “…in the water I saw Mrs. Peggy Green…who reached, as far as I know the Sumatran Mainland safely…” ( I. G. Salmond Report at PRO); Mrs. R. F. Green “…Boarded the TP” (STF); boarding also confirmed by another “Kuala” passenger (Mrs. Stevens letter 21.6. 42 and also Mrs. E. Cross at PRO);  Pegi Rosamund Emyah, b.1918, VAD – died on “TP” (C1971); Mrs. Pegi Rosamund Emyah Green, age 24, Nurse VAD., (British), wife of Robert H. Green, Holland Road, Singapore – died on “TP” (CWGC); Robert H. ‘Bobby’ Green was Captain, H Company, 2nd Btn. SSVF and a solicitor with John G. Campbell, Raffles Place, Singapore as well as a POW in Singapore and Thailand (MVDB)


GREENE – James Edward, PWD Johore, aged 61 years. Wounded on the “Kuala” but later reached Sumatra and India (MVG); NB. he is not mentioned on the PWD list at PRO


GREHAM – Mr. D. W. Greham, PWD ( PWD list at PRO); Lt. D. W. Greham, Volunteers, Assistant engineer PWD, K. Trengganu; arrived Colombo 10.3.42 on “Chitral” ( MVDB & CO 980/7)


GRENIER – Mrs. Grenier, Kuala Lumpur ( passenger list at PRO); Mrs. A. Grenier, civilian, wife of Mr. N. J. C. Grenier- she died in the sinking of the “TP” (CWGC); Norman St. John Charles Grenier was a Pensioner ( ex Press manager of Caxton Press) and was interned in Changi (MVDB), it appears that he returned to Kuala Lumpur after the War ( Straits Times archives)


GYGEN – Miss Gygen was on the “Kuala”(Ruperti)


HAGGART/HEGGARTY – Mrs. Haggart, who  lived in Capitol Apartments, Singapore went on the “Kuala” with Mrs. Pattara and daughters ( Miss Terpie Pattara verbal statement to Michael Pether by telephone  2009) – it is possible this is Mrs. HOGART ( see below); however there is a Mrs. A. W. Haggart mentioned in the “Straits Times” in 1934; also there was a Mrs. Fennie HEGGARTY, last address raffles Hotel reported missing after the war by the Missing Persons Bureau of the Colonial office (STA 29.5.46)


HALLMr. H. B. Hall of Straits Trading; “…HALL H BOSWORTH STRAITS TR LEFT KUALA…” (BPPL); also in ARP, wife evacuated to Durban SA. (MVG); however it has been recorded that he was killed on the docks at Singapore ( McCormick)




HALL Mr. W. A. Hall, Straits Trading Co. Ltd.; “…HALL W APSLEY STRAITS TR LEFT KUALA…” (BPPL); also William Aspley hall died 14.2.42 at Singapore (CWGC); however it appears that he might never have boarded the “Kuala” and was killed on the docks at Singapore Cramer document seen by McCormick)

HALLIDAY – Mr. J. Halliday, PWD (PWD list at PRO); when the “Kuala” was bombed, Jim Halliday, a Scotsman, was swept to an isolated rock far away from Pom Pong island. He had been swimming from the ship to Pom Pong Island but came across a lone woman struggling in the water. He swam to her and supported her and the tide-race carried them out to sea and the rock on which they were found two days later by a lifeboat from Pom Pong island sent out to find survivors( SJ); Lt. James Halliday, Volunteers, Assistant Engineer PWD, arrived Colombo 10.3.42 on “Chitral” (MVDB & CO 980/7)


HAMES – Mrs. Mary Hames, wife of Capt. W. C. H. Hames, Indian Army Service Corps – died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC);


HAMILTON – Mr. J. C. Hamilton possibly on “Kuala” (Jim Hutton letter 11.3.42 to his wife)


HAN – Mrs. Han, husband Singapore Municipality, believed drowned when “Kuala” sank…” (Ruperti) – this could be a reference to HANDLEY


HANCOCK – Captain, Governor of Singapore Prison “…died in cabin in bombing, with Mrs. .Hancock... on Kuala at Pom Pong Island…” (IWMDM); “…who was one of the evacuees, was last seen to go over the gangway, but returned with a vague idea of being able to extinguish the fire then raging on the ship. There must have been a delusion on his part as he was never seen again…” (WNSF) Capt. Hancock, Governor of Prisons in Malaya (WNSF); Otho Lewis Hancock, civilian,  - died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC); Flt Lt. Otto Lewis Hancock was a volunteer in the RAFVR (MVDB); Capt. & Mrs. . Hancock were seen on the “Kuala” (CAS)


HANCOCK – Mrs. “…died in cabin with Captain Hancock  ... in bombing of “Kuala” at Pom Pong Island...” ( IWMDM); Agnes Lucy Gravely Hancock, civilian – died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC)


HANDLEY –Mrs. M. M. Handley , civilian, -died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC); Mrs. M. Handley, wife of Mr. F. A. W. Handley of Dunlop Robber and a n internee in Changi (MVG) and (C)


HANNAFORD/HANNEFORD Mr. S. G. Hannaford , aged 36 years, a Ships Mate, Naval Base, Singapore  was interned in Bankinang Men’s Camp, Sumatra ( MR. H. van den Bos); a post war record indicates that he was on the “Kuala” and states “…Mr. S. G. Hanneford, Naval Base, to Madras on “Karoa” on 4.10.45…” (ALFSEA)


HARDIE – Miss Hardie, Seremban. (STF); also see Matron (Miss) C. M. Hardy, Seremban – seen on Pom Pong Island(CAS); see also HARDY


HARDING – Miss. Singapore. (STF); in August 1942 Thomas Kitching recorded in his diary (TKD) that “…I see a list of names of those in Padang… Mrs. Harding….who left with the same batch as Nora (Kitching on the “Kuala”) …”


HARDY – Matron ( Miss) C. M. Hardy, Seremban, seen on Pom Pong Island (CAS); Miss C. H. Hardy (Matron Hosp) , c/o Barclays Bank, Hayes  Middlesex (Ruperti);Miss C. M Hardy , Civil Nursing Service arrived in Bombay from Ceylon( Archives list of people arriving in Bombay from Ceylon)  see above HARDIE


HARFBURN (spelling?) – Mr. Harfburn (?) noted as on the “Kuala” by Major Storry (IWM 01/34/1); it is possible that this is in fact William Harpham, Assistant, Waugh & Co ,Kuala Lumpur , who evacuated to India (JM list of Malayans)


HARRIS – Mr. A. S. Harris, PWD ( PWD list at PRO);Lt. A. S. Harris, 1st Btn., SSVF “S” Support Company, Quantity Surveyor, Architectural Branch PWD SS., arrived Colombo 10.3.42 on “Chitral” ( MVDB & CO 980/7) also on ALFSEA list


HARLEY – Miss L. Harley, TANS. Alexander Hospital, Singapore “… last seen Sinkep Island by members of QAIMNSR…” (Evans); Sister L. M. Harley IANS (sic). listed as POW in 1943 (CAS) ; listed as one of the camp hospital team  in the Fraterhuis and Bankinang camps by Marjorie de Malmanche (IWMDM); Ms. L. Harley, QAIMNS, to UK on “Antenor” (ALFSEA);  possibly the same person as ,

HARTLEY – Nursing Sister, QAINMS, Alexandra Hospital, made it to Padang but captured by the Japanese and Interned (SIA); since none of the Hartley family were nurses this seems to be a spelling error of Miss Harley  (above) name


HARTLEY – Millicent “Milly” Myrtle Hartley, sister of Ralph Hartley, sister – law of Mrs. Kathleen Hartley and aunt of Kenneth Hartley, she drifted to an island away from Pom Pong Island after the sinking was rescued by Malay fisherman and was eventually interned in Muntok. She survived internment ( nephew Kenneth Hartley “Recollections”) ; after the war Milly returned to Malaya, rebuilt her house which the Japanese had burned then sold her house and the rubber state she owned pre war , she married her deceased sister Lena’s husband ( George Robert ’Pop’ Hatton) and they retired to Perth, Western Australia,


HARTLEY - Hartley Y. ( list of people believed to have been on “Kuala” at PRO); Ms. Y. Hartley was on “Kuala” (ALFSEA); after correspondence with the Hartley family who had many members on board they confirm that this was not a relative; it seems possible that it was a mistake with “Milly” Hartley’s name nor confusion with Miss L. Harley (above)


HARTLEY – Ralph Robert Hartley, civilian, age 61 years – died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC); also “… Hartley R. R. uncle planter Tapon Kuala bvd. dead …” (BPPL); also “…from Tapah, brother of M. R. Hartley ...”; see Mrs. Kathleen Hartley below who was his sister-in-law (MVG); Ralph Hartley was the uncle of Gordon and Kenneth Hartley mentioned below and the only adult male to leave with the large extended family of Hartley’s, Jones’ etc, he was not able-bodied having broken his hip and walked with the aid of a cane. He was from Tapah (a small town on the main road in northern Malaya at the time) where he lived with his sister Milly Hartley, he had a young Gibbon monkey as his constant companion which actually made it onto the “Kuala” with him and was sitting on his shoulder in the ‘paint locker’ at the bow of the ship under the main gun (which he was sharing with Kenneth and Gordon) when they anchored at Pom Pong island. He died during the bombing and sinking (nephew Kenneth Hartley “Recollections”); also, on board “Kuala” were “…members of the Hartley family…” (MS)


HARTLEY – Mrs. Hartley, age 40 years, civilian – died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC); – Mr. and Mrs. Hartley, Palm Estate, Kedah, left on “TP” (Ruperti); Mrs. Hartley, , Pelam Estate, Kedah – listed as on “TP” (JB); also Mrs. Hartley, Kedah, boarded the “TP” (ALFSEA);  Mrs. Kathleen Hartley, wife of Mr. M. R. Hartley, civilian and internee in Changi – she was lost at sea on either the “Kuala” or the “TP” (MVG); also Mrs. Kate Hartley, aged 40 years was on the “TP” ( list of civilians on “Kuala” and “TP” at PRO); finally the record of Mrs. Hartley and her family has been clarified by her son Kenneth Hartley, Mrs. Kathleen Amanda Hartley, wife of Mr. M.R. Hartley a coconut and palm oil planter ( originally Pelam Estate in Kedah but later of Simpang Angat, about eleven miles from Telok Anson) had boarded the ship with her two sons, her mother (Evelyn Jones) and her extended family of Hartley’s, Hatton’s, Jones’ and Mather’s plus friends the Brett’s and de Broise), she survived the bombing at Pom Pong Island but lost her life on the “TP” ( Recollections of Kenneth Hartley)

HARTLEY – Gordon, student aged 15 years. On “Kuala” with his brother Ken. Reached Padang and was evacuated on “Hobart” to Colombo (MVG); also listed as from Kedah and reaching Bombay (CAS); also Master Gordon Hartley, 15 yrs, embarked Padang on 1.3.42 (ECEP)

HARTLEY – Kenneth, student aged 13 years with brother Gordon reached Padang and then evacuated on the “Hobart” to Colombo 1.3.42(MVG); also listed as from Kedah and reaching Bombay(CAS); also Master Kenneth Hartley, aged 13 years, embarked Padang 1.3.42 (ECEP)


HATTON – Mrs. Lena Hatton, aged 62 years, British, - died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC); Lena Eleanor Hatton ( nee Hartley) lived in Taiping, Perak with her husband George Robert Hatton who was an engineer on a tin mining dredge and was one of the large extended family of Hartley’s( her maiden name) and Jones who boarded the “Kuala” she was the sister-in-law of Mrs. Kathleen Hartley, the sister of Ralph Hartley and the mother of ‘Cissie’ Mather (below) who lost her life after boarding the “TP”; Lena had at some time previously to the sinking of the “Kuala” broken her hip and had difficulty walking so it would have been impossible for her to have swum away from the “Kuala” and was never seen again following the bombing and sinking of that ship ( relative Kenneth Hartley ”Recollections”)


HAWES – Mrs. Hawes, Port Dickson – reached Sumatra (STF); Mrs. “… a nice newly married young woman… had a hip wound” (IWMDM); also “…Hawes AMR Tampin Linggei POW wife Jean Sumatra…” (BPPL); Mrs. Esme J. Hawes, aged 29 years English, of Tampin Linggi Estate, Rantau, Negri Sembilan is listed as interned in the British Women’s camp, Padang and moving to the Mission Complex on 24.6.43 ( Mr. H. van den Bos); also Ms. E. J. Howes recovered Padang (ALFSEA)


HEMBER – Mr. M. B. Hember, PWD ( PWD list at PRO); Volunteer Hember, Executive Engineer PWD Klang, arrived Colombo 10.3.42 on “Chitral” ( MVDB & CO 980/7)


HEMBROW – “… Hembrow A. E. East Smelting Kuala… “(BPPL); Mr. Hembrow, Eastern Smelting Co., Penang, believed drowned (ALFSEA); however it seems that Albert Edward Hembrow did in fact survive; he was from Taunton, Somerset, married to Gladys and aged 58 years at the time of the sinking; he had arrived in Malaya before 1932 and was Ore Room Superintendent, Smelting Works, Eastern Smelting Co. Ltd, Dato Kramat, Penang; he appears on the electoral roll of Western Australia in 1943 and it appears that his wife lived in that State for some time; he died in 1961 ( research by Brian Christensen, Western Australia and the records of Jonathan Moffat)


HENDERSON – Mr. D. W. H. Henderson, aged 50 years and Manager Chartered Bank, Kuala Lumpur, was interned in Bankinang men’s Camp, Sumatra ( Mr. H. van den Bos); a post war record indicates that he was on the “Kuala” and states “…Mr. D. W. Henderson, Charter. Bank, Kuala Lumpur, to UK on “Orantes” on 12.11. 45…” (ALFSEA)


HENNESSY – Mrs. Hennessey, wife of Lt. Col. Hennessy, RAMC – listed as on “TP” (JPB); Ms. N. M. Hennesy (British) born 1919 – died on “TP” (C 2239); also Ms. N. M. Hennessey, boarded the “TP” (ALFSEA); Mrs. L. M. Hennessey, wife of Lt. Col. F. W. Hennessy – died on “TP” (CWGC); given the wide variety of initials recorded there may have been another Mrs. or Miss Hennessey on board - also Mrs. E. Hennessey & son seen on Pom Pong Island (CAS); and a listing of a Mrs. B. M. Hennessey as having been on the “TP” ( list of civilians on the “Kuala” and the TP” at PRO); also see Miss Hessy below,

 HENNESSY – child – listed as on “TP” (JPB); L. M. Hennessey, a child (British) – died on “TP” ( C2238); Hennessy – R.J. , son of Lt. Col E. W. Hennessy and of L. M. Hennesy – died on “TP” (CWGC)


HERVEY – MURRAY – Miss Harvey- Murray (sic) QAIMNSR, Alexander Hospital, Singapore, “…not seen by any survivors since bombing of the ship…” (Evans); Nurse A. J. H. Murray (sic) listed as missing 1943 and also on “Kuala” (CAS and PRO WO 361/462); Sister Agnes Joan Hervey –Murray, QAIMNS, #208739, aged 26 years, daughter of C. L. and Ethel Hervey-Murray of Bournemouth, Hampshire died on 14.2.42 (CWGC); Nurse Agnes Hervey Murray is listed on the Kranji Memorial wall.


HILL – Mrs. Singapore. “…believed lost…” (STF); also Mrs. Jack Hill, M.C.P., seen on “Kuala” (CAS); Mrs. Ellen Mary Fabian Hill, wife of Mr. J. R. Hill – she died around the sinking of the “Kuala” (CWGC); J. R. Hill was possibly Sub. Lt. J. R. Hill ,RNVR and internee Changi and Sime Road.(MVDB)


HILL – “… HILL Maj Kuala Salmond…” (BPPL); Major Freddie G. Hill, 1st Btn. SSVF SRE (V), 44 years of age, Civil Engineer Municipality, was a late internee into Changi (MVDB ); so presumably he arrived in Padang too late to be evacuated


HIRST – Dorothy Hirst was a friend of Nora Kitching, who was also on the “Kuala” (see below) (TKD p.37); Ms. Hirst, Civil Nursing Service, on “Kuala” (ALFSEA); Dorothy Hirst, MAS. B. 1897 – died around sinking of “Kuala” (C2288); Dorothy Hirst, age 45 years, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Hirst, Cudworth, Yorkshire – died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC). See also HURST below


HIRST, Eric - Able Seaman, C/SSX28293, Royal Navy. Survived the bombing of the “Kuala”. After another ship’s bombing he was captured 1942/03/17 and became a POW in Padang, Medan and Sumatra railway. (on I. A. Inglis list PRO as “Hearst”)


HITCHINGS Mr. J. Hitchings listed as on “Kuala” (ALFSEA)


HODGSON – Nurse M.A. Hodgson – listed as missing in 1943 (CAS); Sister Marjorie Aizlewood Hodgson, QAIMNS, aged 38 years, #206211, daughter of James and Kate Hodgson of Ripon, Yorkshire – she died 14.2.42 (CWGC)


HOGAN – Mrs. Hogan , son and niece were on the “Kuala” (Ruperti); so the son and niece should be recorded,

HOGAN – son of Mrs. Hogan and

HOGAN – niece of Mrs. Hogan; it is not clear whether the women in this group are the same person or persons as,


HOGAN – Miss. Olive Hogan was on the “Kuala” (Ruperti); Mrs. Olive Ethel Hogan, Nurse, Medical Auxiliary Service, Penang (from Australia) wife of Claude D. D. Hogan – she died in the sinking of the “TP”; also Mrs. Hogan, Penang, seen on “Kuala” (CAS); Claude Douglas Deveraux Hogan, aged 56 years, was a Barrister-in Law, also a Captain, 2nd. Btn, SSVF, attached HQ Malay Command and who was a POW in Changi.(MVDB); “…Hogan C. D. P. Lawyer Penang POW…” (BPPL); ALFSEA list Mr.  C.D. D. Hogan as having also been on the “Kuala” but if so he must have been captured in Padang by the Japanese


HOGART – Mr. Hogart killed when “Kuala” sunk (Ruperti)

HOGART – Mrs. Hogart (Russian) killed when “Kuala” sunk (Ruperti)


HOGG a young airman; arm blown off, reached Sumatra ( IWMDM); however he appears to have actually been on  the “Tien Kwang”


HOLGATE – Miss Fanny Holgate, Nursing Sister in Charge, Taiping General Hospital, aged 48 years, daughter of Tomas and Emily Holgate of Ewell, Surrey – died around sinking of “Kuala” (CWGC); also Miss F. F. Holgate (killed) , G.H. Taiping,”… killed on ship…”(CAS)


HOLLANDS – Miss B. Halland (sic), lady member of IMNS attached 27th G. Hospital “… blast of lungs. Condition serious. Taken from island by small craft bound for Java. Not heard of since…” (Evans); Mrs. Betty Hollands, Indian Medical Nursing Home. – listed as on “TP” (JPB); also Miss Betty Hollands, IANS., listed as on the “Kuala” (CAS); Sister (Miss) Beatrice Helena Hollands, aged 27 years, of Indian nationality, 17 Combined general Hospital, Singapore, niece of Major H. C. Phillips of East Ewell, Surrey – she died 16.2.42 (CWGC) – so it is unclear whether she died on Pompong Island or on the “TP” or even in Sumatra and this is compounded by “… Miss Betty Hollands, IMC, and 4 IMS girls of nursing home Johore, left on “TP”…” (Ruperti)


HOLLANDS – Miss Joyce Hollands, IANS., listed as on “Kuala” (CAS)


HOLGATE – Miss Bunny Holgate, Malayan Nursing Service, killed when “Kuala” sunk (Ruperti)


HOMER – in the “Straits Times “ of November 1940 there is mention of a Miss K. Homer, 11 Barker Road, Singapore (Straits Times); Miss Kita Homer, “… seen in water…” (CAS); Miss Homer (Irish) , 1st wife of Tan Siew Sin of Pasir Panjang left on Sengket (sic) Island (Ruperti); also recorded is Miss Homer (MAS) as having given tireless work at a camp at Dabo ( G. J. O’Grady Report No. 4, Malayan Research Bureau); Miss Kathleen Homer, aged 42 years, English, of 11 Barker Road, Singapore is listed as interned in the British Women’s Camp, padang and moving to the Mission Complex on 24.6.43 ( Mr. H. van den Bos)


HONEYWELL – Dr. Honeywell, Head of King’s School, (Ayr Molek - sic) listed as on the “Kuala” (CAS); also D. W. Honeywell, Kings School , Singapore ( Inglis list at PRO);  also Dr. D .Honeywell, Principal, Kings School , 1 Goodwood Hill, Singapore, evacuated via Padang 1.3.42 by “Hobart” to Colombo (MVG newsletter ); “…Honeywell D. W. Kings School Singapore Kuala…” (BPPL)


HORSLEY – whilst at Pom Pong Island ‘Jack’ Horsley bravely swam out to sea to retrieve one of the lifeboats and swam back with it and the sole occupant, an Indian soldier who had taken it out fatalistically deciding it was his time to die (SJ); Captain John Alan Talbot Horsley, aged 43 years, from Queensland, Australia. Senior Exec. Engineer PWD, Kuala Kangsar , Perak, arrived Colombo 10.3.42 on “Chitral” and reached India(MVG and MVDB)); also on PWD list at PRO


HOSEY – Tempy. Lt. (E) Launcelot Langan Hosey, RNR – is officially recorded as having died 14.2.42 and was an officer on “HMS. Kuala” ( Liverpool Naval Memorial and CWGC); it is possible that Lt. Hosey was the person referred to as being on a raft with 24 people from which a Naval reservist had swum to an island, this man had stated he could”…remember nothing about them except that there was a Lieut, H….( name unknown) Naval Reserve among them…” ( G. J. O’Grady, report No.4 , Malayan Research Bureau) – this person might also have been Lt. Hull ( below) who was also MRNVR.; Launcelot Hosey had been a Marine Engineer in Penang prior to the War and his family ( he was married with seven children) remained in Singapore during the war ;  their recollection is that on around 11-12 February he was knocked unconscious during the bombing of the Catholic convent whilst there with one of his sons, he was taken to an unnamed Hospital and they did not hear anything of him after that; the view of his family is that , because he always said he would stay and fight, he had died perhaps in Hospital or some other event in Singapore; it therefore remains unclear whether, despite being an officer on the “Kuala”, Lt. Hosey was actually on board or in hospital, where he might have died, when the ship sailed from Singapore ( grandson, Mr. David Hosie [ spelling of family name has changed since the war]


HOUSTON Mr. Houston, Chartered bank on “Kuala” (ALFSEA); there is mention of a Mr. J. G. Housten playing tennis  in the “Straits Times “ before the war


HOWE – Mrs. Howe, from Australia, cake shop owner, Singapore – possibly got on “TP” (MVG); in 1915 there is mention of a Mrs. (Robin?) Howe giving cake making classes at the YWCA in Singapore ( Straits Times); also as an example used in a book to describe the standard of living in pre-War Singapore”…In the European section of the city there was a cake –shop and café in Battery Road, known as “GH’s” after its owner, an Australian called Mrs. Howe. At marbled – topped tables the clientele would recklessly ignore their waistlines in exchange for the joy of Mrs. Howe’s gateaux and home-made ice creams…” ( WBTW)




HU – Miss Hu. Teacher at Chong Hock School where Mrs. Low was head. A few months later she  returned to Singapore with the Low family  (NIL)


HUDSON – seaman on “Kuala” ( I. A. Inglis list PRO)


HULF – Sister (Mrs.) “escaped” (STF); Miss H. Hulf, QAIMNSR, 1st Malayan General, “…now stationed Dehli…” (Evans) ; Sister (Miss) M.E. Hulf, Q.A. reached Bombay and gave evidence to 1943 inquiry (CAS)


HULL – Lt. Edward William Hull, husband of Mrs. E. C. Hull, c/o YMCA, Fort Canning, Singapore believed killed following the bombing of the “Kuala” in 13/14 February 1942 (PODC); however his death is also attributed to the sinking of the “Giang Bee” ; Sub Lt Edward William Hull, MRNVR, died at sea sinking of “Giang Bee” on 13.2.42 (MVDB); also Lt. Edward William Hull, aged 52 years, husband of Emily Hull of Weston – super- mare died between 13.2.42-14.2.42 (CWGC)


HURST – Miss. “...believed lost...” (STF); also Sister (Miss) D. Hurst G.H. (CAS); also Miss D. Hurst, G.H., seen on “Kuala” (CAS) almost certainly Dorothy HIRST mentioned above.


HUSBAND – Thomas Gibson Husband, BSc. aged 52 years, Deputy General Surveyor PWD. Captain Volunteers; he and Mr. Horsley bravely rowed out from shore to save people struggling in the water ( P. 34 SDGB account by Arthur Ross, PWD He reached Padang and then Bombay (MVG); also on PWD list at PRO


HUSSEY / HESSY – Sister N.C. St. Hussey, Indian Military Nursing Service lost her life during the war (QH); she is very likely to have been on the “Kuala” given the next record; Miss Hessy is recorded as being on the “Kuala” (Ruperti)


 HUTTON – Lt. Col. Arthur James Scott Hutton, aged 51 years, Actg. Govt Architect PWD, SS.  – reached Padang, Colombo then India (MVG); also on PWD list at PRO; in Nairobi (ALFSEA); arrived Colombo on 10.3.42  on “Chitral” (MVDB & Co 980/7); by 11.3.42 Arthur James Scott Hutton had reached India and was living at the Taj Mahal Hotel, Bombay (his letter to his wife – Deb Ford, Queensland, Australia);A. J. S. ‘Jim’ Hutton, had been a Captain in the Royal Engineers during the First World War and at the time of the Japanese invasion of Malaya was Chief Architect ,PWD., Singapore. He was then appointed Lt. Col.  and given a role in the evacuation of civilians; he boarded the “Kuala” and after the sinking made it to Pom Pong island, he and two companions reached the west coast of Sumatra and acquired a fishing boat from a village, they were three days out to sea on their way to Australia when picked up by an Australian navy destroyer and taken to Ceylon, he trained with Special operations in England and was parachuted back into Malaya behind Japanese lines to join Force 136, h( grandson Major Andrew Hutton account on Singapore Evacuation 1942 website)


HYDE – Kathleen Fay Moslyn, b. 1912 – died on “TP” (C2411); “…Fay Hyde (Richard Hoop’s sister) went on the “TP”…” ( IWML); there was an unofficial ( Vatican)  and obviously incorrect report that Mrs. Fay Hyde had been interned;  Mrs. Kathleen Fay Mostyn Hyde, Nurse VAD, Singapore, aged 30 years, wife of Anthony Hyde of Bellamy road, Kuala Lumpur. Daughter of Dr. A. L. and Mrs. Hoops, Blackheath, London – she died in the sinking of the “TP” (CWGC)


HYRE – Miss Hyre reached Padang (ALFSEA); this is in fact Amelia “Billie” Whybro who was interned at Padang and Bankinang – it is her maiden name.


I – Nurse Theresa ( the Japanese seem unclear on the surname and have just put in the letter “I”) – listed as on the “TP” (JPB);


INGHAM – a Ms. Ingham is mentioned as a War Nurse in Singapore in 1940 (Straits Times); Miss A. A. Ingham, T. A. N. S., Alexander Hospital, Singapore “…not seen since taking to the water following the bombing of ship by any survivors…” (Evans); Nurse A. A. Ingham – listed as missing in 1943 (CAS); Sister Alice Ann Ingham, Territorial Army Nursing Service, aged 32 years, #213559, daughter of Thomas and Annie Ingham of Outwood, Lancashire – she died on 14.2. 42 (CWGC)


INGLIS – Mr. A. Inglis, PWD ( PWD list at PRO); Captain Allan Inglis, Volunteers, aged 36 years, Executive Engineer PWD, arrived Colombo on 10 3 42 on “Chitral” (MVDB & CO 980/7); the list he made of people is important in understanding who was on the “Kuala” and Pom Pong Island


INGLIS – Colin William Anderson Inglis, Assistant Govt. Architect PWD Johore, but based in Singapore, living Mt. Vernon. Reached Padang and then India  - published diary in 1945 (MVG); also on PWD list at PRO; Lt. Inglis, 1st Btn, SSVF Support Company and Government Architect PWD Johore Bahru, arrived Colombo 10.3.42 and became a Major in the Indian Army ( MVDB & CO 980/7)


INGRAHAM -  Nurse mentioned in (SIA); possibly Nurse Ingham mentioned above


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