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The atrocities pages contain information on unnecessary killings of prisoners of war with the rolls of those named within.


My sincere thanks to the many authors and scholars who have researched and listed these rolls, also the staff of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission who have given their help by supplying database lists,  special thanks to Derek.




Rabaul and Ballali Island

Gunners 600 Party Gunners 600 Party


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North Borneo

Keith Meakins-2

(Above photo by Keith Meakins)

Birneo Investigation Report Borneo Investigation Report - Australion and Allied Prisoners of War Investigation by 9 Australian Div. carried out 15th Aug. 1945 - 27th August 1945

Labuan Party Labuan Party - 300 prisoners were sent to Labuan from Sandakan and Kuching, none survived.

Sandakan Sandakan - Includes the roll which is now complete with all 1787 Australians and 641 British listed.



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 Japanese Death Reports

Borneo Borneo - Many of these reports are false to cover up atrocities


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Britain at War


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