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Alfonso William Vince


Suffolk Regiment

1st Battalion



Embarked with Brigade for Salonica 1915

War Diary


1st October

3 Fatigue parties of 100 men each paraded at 2.30am and returned about 10am, at 5.30pm 600 of Battalion under Lt. Col. White paraded as an R.E Party and 2 smaller parties as carrying parties. The R.E. did not arrive, and Battalion was ordered to move to support trenches to cover an attack, by 1st Welsh and 2nd Cheshires on ‘Little Willie’ by day light. 2nd Oct. the battalion had reached the support trenches, except Lieut. Parsons and Owen, with 70 ‘B’ Coy. who were sent to ‘Big Willie’ for duty with ‘Northumberland Fusiliers’.

2nd October

About 10am ‘Battalion Head Quarters’ and ‘A’ Coy.. moved down to CENTRAL KEEP, ‘C’ and ‘D’ remained in support trenches - ‘B’ Coy. moved to a trench near Brigade Head Quarters at 1pm. Lieut. Col White and Major Sinclair Thompson went to Brigade Head Quarters, where instructions were given to attack ‘Little Willie’ at 8.30pm (the Welsh having been driven out). The C.O. and 2nd in Command returned from reconnoissance at 4.30pm - Operation orders issued at 5pm and Coys moved up the Central Bergeau at 7pm, but owing to block in C.T. could not get into the Fire Trench opposite ‘Little Willie’.

The time was extended till 10.30pm, but at that time Coys were not yet in position and the time was extended to 12.m.n., at 11.50pm ‘A’ Coy had only just reached its positions in the fire trench - Coy Commanders were called for by Major Sinclair Thompson to receive final instructions - O C ‘D’ Coy. 2nd Lieut. Gales could not be found in the dark, and 1 hour was asked for - this was refused by the brigade Major.

Orders were then given by Major Sinclair Thompson - to get the men out of the trenches and line up in 2 lines, ‘C’ & ‘D’ in front line from L to R and carried off by ‘A’ & ‘B’ - O C ‘B’ was ordered to take place of ‘D’ Coy whose men were not to be found - ‘A’ Coy moved off before the other Coys were ready, and the attack of the other 3 Coys, inclined to the right.

3rd October

The attack failed. Casualties 7 officers and about 150 other ranks. Men were collected in Fire Trench and at 4.30am the Battalion was ordered to attack again - but this order was cancelled. The Battalion was relieved by the 85th Brigade at 6pm and moved down to LANCASHIRE Trenches, arriving there at 11pm.



It is believed Alfonso was one of the men killed in the attack on the 3rd October 1915.

Age 25

3rd October 1915

Killed in action at Loos


Loved Ones

Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Vince, of The Post Office, Monks Eleigh; husband of Mary Vince, of "The Willows", Monks Eleigh, Ipswich.




The roll of honour in St. Peters Church Monks Eleigh, Suffolk.

Panel 37 and 38.







Alfonso Vince

Stanley Vince

Sydney Vince

Alfonso Vince

Stanley Vince

Sydney Vince

Suffolk Regiment

Manchester Regiment

Royal Navy Vol. Reserve




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