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Edward Charles Nash


1911/05/30 - Born St. Margarets, Middlesex

Son of Archibald and Edith Ethel Nash

1911/09/10 - Baptised

1925 - 1928 - Bishop Stortford School

1927/05/05 -  Travelled to London from Gibraltar aboard  'Macedonia'

(Peninsular & Orient Steam Navigation Company (P&O SNC))

1927/07/23 - Travelled to London from Gibraltar aboard 'Kaiar-i-hind'


1927/12/16 - Travelled to Gibraltar from London , age 16, aboard 'Narkunda'


1928/03/30 - Travelled to Gibraltar from London with his brother Frank John Nash, aged 12, who was at Imperial Service College, Windsor at the time aboard 'Rajputana'


Royal Artillery

79/21 Light Anti-Aircraft


Japanese PoW

1943/03/08 - Captured Java

PoW No. 219

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese iundex Card - Side Two


A draft was formed at Adek Camp, Batavia, Java

1944/05/19 - Transported from Batavia, Java in Java Party 20 in Kiska Maru with 800 PoWs on board

1944/05/21 - Keppel Harbour at 1600 hours and taken to Havelock Road Camp, Singapore.

A "glass rod test" was held during the stay here, as a result of which 1 Australian and 4 Dutchmen were detached from the draft.

1944/06/03 - Transported in Miyo Maru from Singapore in Japan Party via the Philippines ia a convoy of eleven ships.

1944/06/11 - The Japan Party One convoy arrived in Manila Bay.

1944/06/14 - Tamahoko Maru joined the convoy carrying cargo and about 500 Japanese servicemen. There were now twelve ships and sailed for Taiwan . They were hit by a storm and the Miyo Maru was badly damaged.

1944/06/18 - Reached Takao, Taiwan and the PoWs from the Miyo Maru were transferred to the Tamahoko Maru to continue to Japan, with 300 PoWs sleeping on the deck. Lifebelts provide but not issued.

1944/06/20 - Convoy sailed from Takao, Taiwan to Japan

1944/06/24 - 1150 hours and 40 miles S.W. of Nagasaki the USS Tang attacked the convoy was hit and sunk, 560 Lost their lives. Other Japanese ships in convoy picked up survivors and taken to Nagasaki and transported in Lorries to Fukuoka 14B camp.

1944/08/01 - Reached Fukuoka Camp

Worked in Mitsubishi factories

Eight PoWs died at this camp from the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki

1945/09/02 - Liberated Fukuoka Camp

1946/10/17 - Discharged


Post War

After the war he trained at some time to be a school teacher and worked at Westbrook House sometime between 1961 – 1965.

 He married Daphne V. Beech in 1957.



Aged 54

6th December 1965

At Buckland Hospital in Dover

He had  been living up to that date at 23 Radnor Bridge Road, Folkestone.

 He was buried on 10th December 1965.

At Hawkinge Cemetery, Grave No 30, Plot KK, Section A.



David Gordon - OWS Researcher & Archivist

Java Index

Japanese Transports

Japanese Homeland Camps

KEW:- WO 361/1742, WO 392/25, WO 345/37, WO 361/2009, WO 361/2018,


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