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John Maguire


1919/11/11 - Born Workington

Son of James and Johanna Maguire

Royal Air Force

258 Squadron

Command West group


John on right


Japanese PoW

1942/04/06 - Captured

PoW No. I 554

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1943/09/26 - Transported Java Party No 17A from Batavia, Java to Singapore in Makassar Maru

1943/10/01 - Arrived Changi

1943/10/21 - Transported in Matsue Maru to Moji, Japan

(Total 1155 PoWs - 736 Dutch PoWs and 419 British PoWs)

1943/10/26 - Arrived Saigon, French Indo-China

1943/10/26 - Departed Saigon same day

1943/11/06 - Arrived Takao, Taiwan

50 Dutch and British officers disembarked, 50 British ranks embarked

1943/11/08 - departed Takao, Taiwan

1943/11/15 - Arrived Moji, Japan

Voyage from Singapore took 26 days

Then by train through the tunnel of Shimonoseki via Kobe, Nagoya to Yokohama; the train rode only by night, the windows were blinded. In Tokyo the PoWs were split up to travel to different camps

Osaka 14B, Wakayama, Japan

New PoW No. 6580

Worked for Mitsubishi Copper Mines

1945/03/29 - Closed and PoWs transferred to Osaka 19B, Ikuna, Japan

New PoW No. 5748

Worked for Mitsubishi Copper Mines

1945/08 Renamed Osaka 4B

1945/08/30 - Liberated Osaka 4B, Japan

Age at Liberation 26


Post War




Wendy Conway

Java Index

Japanese Transports

Japanese Homeland Camps

KEW:- WO 361/1971, WO 392/25, WO 361/2009, WO 361/1964, WO 361/1963,


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