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The Changi Cross was made by Staff Sergeant Harry Stogden, RAOC, as a prisoner of war in Changi and is used throughout the Roll of honour with a poppy as the centre piece. It is used as a symbol of unity for those who lost their lives in the Far East and is not meant to categorise the prisoners in any religion or faith.

 Sergeant Harry Stogden lost his life 15th September 1945 before reaching home.








Added Information which will help


Many Articles included and Bureau of Record and Enquiry




A separate database is now available for


Rolls of those who died unnecessarily




Rangoon Jail is the first camp

Camp and Prison Rolls

More to follow




Contains information on cemeteries in the Far East

Cemetery and Memorial Rolls

With a roll of those named within




United Kingdom Authority Reports


With a roll of those named within




Contains information of passengers and crew trying to escape the Japanese invasion

Evacuation Ships

Compiled by Michael Pether




Contains information on awards granted to Far East personnel

Gallant and distinguished service

Information collated from the London Gazette




Contains information by Australian Tribunal


IInformation will be added as research unfolds




A separate database is now available for

Hell Ship Rolls

Rolls of prisoners who died within Japanese ships sunk by the Allies




A separate database is now available for

Japanese Homeland Rolls

Rolls of British prisoners who died within the Japanese homeland camps



Anthea Beckett’s

Java Index

British & Commonwealth POWs held in Java 1942-45



Collective Service Personnel

My Home Town

From Village, Town, City or Area



Roger Mansell


Mostly American Servicemen but a few British & Hollanders from the Hofuku Maru Sinking



Contains information on Far East Regiments


British & Commonwealth



Contains information on Ships


Each has their own page



Add service personnel to the site memorial

Site Memorial

Each has their own page



High Ranking Officers and Civilians

Special Party

American, Australian, British, Dutch, and Civilians



A separate database is now available for

Sumatra Railway

Now Being Compiled

British, Commonwealth, Dutch and American POWs



A separate database is now available for

Thailand-Burma Railway


Mergui Road

British, Commonwealth and Dutch POWs







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