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Royal Artillery-tn



Albert Ernest Green


1920/11/03 - Born Bilston, Staffordshire

Son of Albert and Florence Green

Employed as a Tube Galvaniser (Galvanise  Dipper)



1941/03/13 - Enlisted

Royal Artillery

6 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment

15th Battery



After training in Wiltshire in 1941, the 6 H.A.A. were entrained to Nottingham and then on to Yorkshire were they were given leave before being transported to Liverpool where they were issued with Kaki Drill uniforms before embarking on the Monarch of Bermuda, bound for the Middle East.

Monarch Of Bermuda

Monarch Bermuda

They sailed North to the Clyde to join the Convoy William Sail 12X and sailed with sixteen ships plus escorts. Eventually sailing to the Middle East early November 1941.

Stopping at Freetown, Sierra Leone on the 28th November with shore leave. They then they sailed to Durban, South Africa, berthing 18th December 1941 and being given shore leave.

As Japan had then entered the war by attacking Pearl Harbour and invaded Malaya it was decided to split the Convoy, send half to the Far East and the other half to the Middle East.

Aorangi HMS


On returning from shore leave the 6th H.A.A. were transferred to the Aorangi, but because of the muddle, their stores were not loaded with them.

The convoy now became D.M.1 and sailed 24th December 1941, arriving at Singapore 13th January 1942.

The convoy disembarked together with the 18th Division to find the docks ablaze and the Japanese having control of the air. Singapore was under siege.

It was now found the shells had not been transported with the 6th HAA, an urgent message was sent for more shells but they did not arrive before Singapore fell to the Japanese.

1942/01/30 - A convoy of small ships left Singapore carrying the 6 HAA  Regiment (less 3 Battery), along with the 78 Battery of 35 LAA Regiment RA, left Singapore, arriving at Palembang in Southern Sumatra on 2nd February 1942.

They were deployed to the two airfields P1 and P2. The 15 Battery defended P1 airfield seven miles north of Palembang, whilst its other troop was deployed in the large oil refineries just outside Palembang.

1942/02/14 - As the Japanese advanced in Sumatra the airfields were taken by the Japanese and the 6 HAA were evacuated to Java.

The 6 HAA Regiment were deployed in the Batavia area in defence of the airfields.

1942/03/08 - Java fell to the Japanese.


1942/09/04 - WO 417/49, Casualty List No. 920. Reported ‘Missing’.

1943/04/02 - WO 417/59, Casualty List No 1099. ‘Missing’.

1945/02/28 - WO417/89.1, Casualty List No 1693. Previously posted on Casualty List No 1099 as Missing now reported ‘Prisoner of War’ in Japanese hands.


Japanese PoW

1942/03/08 - Captured Java

PoW No. 1861

Japanese Index Card -Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1942/03/31 -  Transported to Tanjong Priok  PoW camp.

1942/10/21 - When the draft for transportation was assembled, there were many stretcher cases and many of the PoWs collapsed on the march to the docks. At the Tandjong Priok Docks the Tanjong Priok P.O.W. Camp draft of 1000 ( 90 Officers and 910 O.R.s approx ) was joined by a draft of 300 R.A.F., under command of Wing Commander Frowe, and 500 R.A. personnel under command of Lt. Col. Saunders R.A.

At 1600 hours the daft of 1800 PoWs embarked onto the Yoshiba Maru and were crammed into the holds.

1942/10/22 - The Yoshida Maru sailed  from Batavia with the 1800 PoWs to Singapore in very bad conditions as the tarpaulins leaked and the water entered the holds.

1942/10/25 - Yoshida Maru arrived at the Roads of Singapore.

1942/10/26 - Reached Keppel Harbour, Singapore. 32 sick PoWs were taken to  Changi-Hospital. The remaining PoWs were herded onto the quay, disinfected and tested for dysentery and cholera (rod test). Then herded back aboard the Yoshida Maru

1942/10/28 - Wing Commander Frowe was instructed to draft 200 of his men to join Lt. Col. Saunders' party of 500 and transfer to another ship. Fourteen of the more seriously sick from Tanjong Priok Camp were then transferred to Singapore Hospital.

1942/10/29, 1400 hours - The remaining 1086 disembarked and were disinfested. During the day a further 19 went sick and were sent to shore hospital and 14 replacements were received from Changi P.O.W. Camp, making a total of 1081.

1942/10/29, 1900 hours - The 1081 embarked on the S.S. "Singapore Maru"

1942/10/27 - The Singapore Maru (1100 PoWs) and the Dainichi Maru (1200 PoWs) set sail to Japan. Some of Java Party 5a, 5b and 5c who had sailed earlier from Java and taken to Changi, joined the PoWs in this Japan daft.

1942/11/25 - Arrived Moji, Japan

Many of the PoWs were then hospitalised at Moji

The remainder were split into groups. One group were marched to a large barge and towed across the inland sea to Ube. They arrived at the men groaning in pain from the freezing cold conditions. The camp at Ube was luxury after the transportation from Singapore

1942/11/26 - Yahata Provisional PoW Camp Ube Branch Camp Higashi Misono Detached Camp

Work was in a Coal Mine for Higashimisome Coal Mining Company

1943/01/01 - Renamed Fukuoka PoW Camp Ube -  Higashi Misono Detached Camp

1943/03/01 - Renamed Fukuoka 10-B

1943/12/01 Renamed Fukuoka 5-D

1945/04/14 - Control changed to Hiroshima 8-D - Higashi Misono

1945/07/15 - Air raid on camp and surrounding area, PoWs transferred to Hiroshima 6-D

New PoW No. 3397

1945/08/10 - Renamed Hiroshima 8-B - (on camp roll at Liberation)

1945/09/02 - Liberated

Liberation Questionnaire





1945/10/09 - Boarded HMS Glory (Hospital Ship) at Manila

745 Albert’s Boarding Number

Sailed to Esquimalt Naval Base, Nr Vancouver Island, B.C 26


1945/12/10 - WO417/100, Casualty List No. 1932. Previously shown on Casualty List No. 1693 as reported Prisoner of War now Not Prisoner of War. Previous Theatre of War, Netherlands East Indies.




1939-1945 Star-tn

Pacific Star

War Medal

1939-1945 Star



Carol Rowe

Tim Lloyds

Walter Tuttlebee

Japanese Homeland Camps

Hell-Ship by A.G. James

Roger Mansell - Higashi Misono

Liberation Questionaire - COFEPOW

KEW:-  WO 361/2009, WO 392/24, WO 361/1982, WO 361/1960, WO 361/1977, WO 392/11, WO 361/1963, WO 345/21


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