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Esme Stephenson Erskine

Esme Stephenson Erskine

1914/02/05 - Born Johannesburg, South Africa

Son of Esme and Elizabeth Erskine

Occupation Forest Officer

Kwantan 1940

Federated Malay States Volunteer Reserve

4th Battalion


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Captured Singapore

 1942/02/15 - Changi Camp

Pow No. I 12579

Malaya POW Postcard  1942

POW Postcard Back 1942

1942/05/13 - Transferred to Blakan Mati

New PoW No. 4137

1943/12/01 - Transferred back to Changi

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


The history behind tin mug he gave his Grandson Byron is pretty amazing. According to my Esme it was his most prize possession during his years in captivity.


It was his only utensil to eat, drink, brush his teeth etc etc. A stark reminder as to the hardship of captivity.  


1945/09/02 - Liberated Changi, Singapore



Byron Erskine

Liberation Questionnaire (COFEPOW)

KEW:- WO 345/17, WO 361/1946, WO 361/2059, WO 361/2017, WO 361/2229,


''Our Thanks are for being a Chapter in Life.''




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