To honour those who served their country

“In this their finest hour”


Federated Malay States Volunteer Force


Compiled  with the help of the Commonwealth War Graves




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Mackenzie, Ian Macdonald

2nd (Selangor) Bn.

Makah Soo,

H.Q. Supply Depot

Malet, Harry

4th (Pahang) Bn.

Mcbain, George Murray


Mccracken, Henry Maxwell Geddes


Mccrow, John Robertson Craig


Mcdougall, Donald Campbell

2nd (Selangor) Bn.

Mcdougall, George Hamilton

2nd (Selangor) Bn.

Mckenzie, Jack Forrest

4th (Pahang) Bn.

Mcwilliam, George Leighton

Armd. Car Regt

Meiers, John Willibald


Meikle, Robert Hodge

2nd (Selangor) Bn.

Menary, James Smyth


Milbourne, Thomas Reginald Lister


Miller, Robert Douglas

2nd (Selangor) Bn.

Mills, Michael Gray


Milne, John Norman


Missen, Reginald Sidney

4th (Pahang) Bn.

Mitchell Innes, Arthur Charles


Mitchell, James Gordon

1st (Perak) Bn.

Montigny, Luke Maurice

2nd (Selangor) Bn.

Moore, Arthur

2nd (Selangor) Bn.

Moore, John Cecil B.

2 (Selangor) Bn.

Moore, Olaf Ernest Fine

1st (Perak) Bn.

Morice, George Frederick


Morrison, Dennis Home

3rd (Negri Sembilan) Bn.

Moulton, Roy Alexander

Armd. Car Regt

Muhammad Idris Bin Muhammad Yunis,

2nd (Selangor) Bn.

Muhammad Isa Bin Din,

1st (Perak) Bn.

Muhammad Jamil Bin Sohod,


Muhammad Yusuf Bin Haji Abbas,

3rd (Negri Sembilan) Bn.




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