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Hell Ship Rolls

Lisbon Maru - 3tn

After invading many countries in the Far East,  Japan found themselves with a large amount of prisoners, but what to do with them. Japan decided to use them as slave labour to help their war effort. The majority being transported by ship to new destinations. These ships were not built for transporting the large numbers involved and were without correct markings leaving them open to attack by the Allies as legitimate targets, the Allies not knowing what the ships contained.

These ships became known as Hell Ships.


The following rolls contain names of British prisoners who were lost.


Hell Ship Rolls

Harugilu Maru Harugiku Maru - Sunk 26th June 1944 by HMS TRUCULENT

Hofuku Maru Hofuku Maru - Sunk 21st September 1944 by planes from U.S. Aircraft Carrier

Junyo Maru Junyo Maru - Sunk 18th September 1944 by HMS TRADEWIND

Kachidoki Maru Kachidoki Maru - Sunk 12th September 1944 by USS Pampanito

Lisbon Maru Lisbon Maru - Sunk 1st October 1942 by USS Grouper

Maros Maru Maros Maru - 372 died from conditions on the Journey  from Ambon Island to Java

Montevideo Maru Montevideo Maru - Sunk 1942/07/01 by USS Sturgeon, a total of 853 POWs and 208 civilian internees were aboard, no prisoners survived.

bullet1 Rakuyo Maru - Sunk 12th September 1944 by USS Sealion

Singapore Maru Singapore Maru - 155 died from conditions on the Journey from Java to Japan

Suez Maru Suez Maru - Sunk 29th November 1943 by USS Bonefish

Tamahoko Maru Tamahoko Maru - Sunk 24th June 1944 by USS Tang


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