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Written Sources Consulted by the Tribunal

Archival Sources

Australian War Memorial

AWM54 781/ 6/6 [Prisoner of War Statements - Europe:] File containing material (Statistics citations, escapes, etc) prepared by L Parker at Central Army Records Office for use of Official War Historian, in the preparation of section dealing with Australian Prisoners of War (Army) taken in the Middle East, Greece and Crete and held in Camps in Germany and Italy

AWM119 122 Posthumous MIDs [Mention-in-Despatches] for PsW [Prisoners of War] killed whilst attempting to escape [Gnr A Reeve; WOII M W Quittenton; Gnr J A T Wilson; L/Bdr A H Jones; L/Sgt A W Glover; Sgt C E Danaher; L/Sgt T S Cumming; L/Bdr A A Emmett; Gnr K J Dickinson; Pte A J Bell; Capt A Mull; Pte R S Goulden; Pte G H Whitfield; Pte D S McKenzie; Sig H F Harvey; Pte R E Breavington; Pte V L Gale; Pte J Bell; also refers to possible awards to WOII L G Davies; Sgt J K Bell; Sgt C B Jones; L/Bdr K D McLachlan]

AWM119 185 Honours and Awards Ex Prisoners-of-War Europe - BEM [British Empire Medal], MM [Military Medal] and MID [Mentioned in Despatches Pte H P Lennard]

AWM54 781/6/7 Prisoner of War Statements - Interrogation reports of escaped Prisoners of War by Allied Interrogation Service, CMF 1944

National Archives of Australia

B883 VX73838 Bell Alexander John

B883 VX34637 Bell, Joseph Kenneth

B883 VX50944 Bell, Joseph

B883 VX63100 Breavington, Rodney Edward

B883 VX52128 Cleary, Albert Neale

B883 NX38584 Crease, Wally

B883 VX31670 Cumming, Thomas Stephen

B883 VX31946 Danaher, Clifford Edmond

B883 NX66447 Davies, Leslie George

B883 VX57167 Dickinson, Keith Johnson

B883 VX38444 Emmett, Aubrey Alfred

B883 VX62289 Gale, Victor Lawrence

B883 VX57043 Glover, Alan William

B883 NX10420 Goulden, Robert Stuart

B883 NX49419 Harvey, Howard Fredrick

B883 NX37426 Hatfield, Eric Edward

B883 VX46835 Jones, Arthur Henry

B883 NX45920 Jones, Carlyle Benjamin

B883 QX15656 Mackay, Theodore Rutland Brydon

B883 NX54192 McLachlan, Kenneth Donald

B883 NX12243 Mull, Alan

B883 VX45344 Quittenton, Matthew Lawrence

B883 VX27292 Reeve, Arthur

B883 NX2567 Schuberth, William Forbes

B883 NX69005 Whitfield, George Herman

B883 VX47903 Wilson, James Alexander Thomas

B3856 144/14/65 Correspondence concerning Cpl R E Breavington VX63100 and Pte V L Gale VX62289

A816 66/301/60 Posthumous awards for prisoners of war killed while attempting to escape

A5799 26/1944 Posthumous awards for prisoners of war killed while trying to escape

A2031 53/1944 Posthumous awards for prisoners of war killed while trying to escape : Agendum Number - 26/1944 : Date of meeting - 16 February 1944

Published books

Clutton-Brock, O. Footprints on the sands of time, RAF Bomber Command Prisoners-of-war in Germany 1939-1945, Grub Street, London, 2003

Dennis, P. et al The Oxford Companion to Australian Military History, Oxford University Press, South Melbourne, 2008

Harrison, C. Ambon, Island of Mist, self published, Geelong, 1988

Nelson, H. Prisoners of War: Australians under Nippon, Australian Broadcasting Commission, Sydney, 1985

Smith, N. Lt Col Tid Apa, the history of the 4th anti-tank regiment, Military History Research & Publications, Gardenvale, 1992

Wigmore, L. The Japanese thrust, Australia in the war of 1939-45, Australian War Memorial, Canberra, 1968

Other published sources

Supplement to the London Gazette 9 May 1944

Supplement to the London Gazette 8 June 1944

Supplement to the London Gazette 9 October 1945.

Supplement to the London Gazette 18 October 1945

Supplement to the London Gazette 31 January 1946

Supplement to the London Gazette 13 September1946

A Matter of Honour, the Report of the Review of Australian Honours and Awards, 1995

Report of the Committee of Inquiry into Defence Awards, 1993/4

The Canberra Times, article on Japanese war crime trials, 6 June 1950

The Canberra Times, article on Japanese war crime trials, 16 June 1950

The Canberra Times, article on Japanese war crime trials, 20 June 1950

Internet sources

An account of the execution of the Tavoy eight by Alan Brown:-

Australian War Memorial account of Australian prisoners of war in WWII:-


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