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Kranji War Cemetery




Kranji War Cemetery and the Singapore Memorial are situated in the same grounds on a hill with the means of access being via three flights of steps, rising over four metres from the road level, which makes wheelchair access to this site impossible.

Kranji War Cemetery is 22 kilometres north of the city of Singapore, on the north side of Singapore Island overlooking the Straits of Johore. It is just off the Singapore-Johore road (Woodlands Road) at the milestone 13 1/2, and there is a short approach road from the main road. The Cemetery is known locally as Kranji Memorial and one must be sure of the address before boarding a taxi as most taxi drivers do not know the Cemetery. There are also bus stops on the main road facing the Cemetery. An MRT terminal will be found a short distance from the Cemetery.


Campaign in Malaya Campaign in Malaya

Air War in the Far East Air War in the Far East

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Cemetery History Cemetery History

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Roll of Honour - Non World War Casualties Roll of Honour - Non World War Casualties

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