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Argyll and Sutherland-tn



Eric Gordon Barnes


1912/01/25 - Born Murrayshire, Scotland

1936/03/07 - Enlisted

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders

2nd Battalion

1937 - IGS Decoration

India, Warzistan, then Singapore (1939 Military Police).


Japanese PoW

1942/02/12 - Captured Malaya

Japanese PoW Number 11866

Japanese Index Card - Side 1


Japanese Index Card - Side 2


1942/04/15 - Bukit Pegue, Malaya

1942/05/20 - Transported to Pudu Kuala Lumper

1942/10/14 - Transported to Thailand

1942/10/23 - Tamarkan, Thailand

1944/06/06 - Transported to Japan

New PoW Number 39933

1944/06/27 - Nagoya 3B - Funatsu, Japan

1945/09/04 - Liberated


Post War

  After liberation developed parkinsons disease

Died in 1974, after an escalator fall in which he broke his neck.


''Our Thanks are for being a Chapter in Life.''




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