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Sergeant - Gunnery Instructor

Arthur Bancroft Wilde



Royal Marines

HMS Exeter



Served in the Falkland Isles and 'The Battle of the River Plate'.

On HMS Norfolk in 1943 in action against the 'Scharnhorst'.

Also Atlantic convoys up to Murmansk in Russia.

 Up to rank of Colour Sergeant.


Distinguished Service Medal

Services during the action against the Graf Spee€¯

London Gazette 1940/02/23

Supplement:34796 Page:1061

Arthur B. Wilde, Sergeant,. Plymouth; - who,- ordering. the evacuation - of a Turret after the Gun House had been hit by an. eleven-inch shell, calmly put 'a.tourniquet of rope-rounds the stump of a Marine's arm.' He then returned to the Gun House where he found a fire over the rammer of the left gun. This rammer contained a charge of cordite. He organised a chain system of buckets to. the turret, put out the fire, removed the cordite, and threw the charge over the side.


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