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John Owen Tyndale Powell


Kedah Volunteer Force



 Age 29

28th December 1941

Killed at Gopeng, Malaya


Malaya Map

The withdrawal of the 12 and 28 brigade Groups began at 1900 hours on the 27th December and continued throughout the night. The 12 Brigade Group to which had been allotted the task of delaying the enemies approach to the Kampar position north of Dipang, occupied a position south of Gopeng, while the 28 Brigade Group took up positions astride the defile road which protected the right flank of the Kampar position, with one battalion in the Tapah area.

The newly formed Kedah Armoured Car Company, manned by European Volunteers, acquired itself well during and following the withdrawal. It now became apparent, how ever, that the enemy were using an armour piercing bullet against which the armour of the Marmon-Harrington armoured cars was not proof, many casualties were suffered by the crews of these cars during the subsequent operations. John being one of those killed.


Loved Ones

Son of Claude and Margery Tyndale Powell, of Albany, Western Australia

Husband of Audrey N. Tyndale Powell, of Borden, Western Australia.



Column  399

 Singapore Memorial




1939-1945 Star-tn

Pacific Star

War Medal

1939-1945 Star



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