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HMS Grasshopper


Sunk 14th February 1942


With Japan entering the war, the HMS Grasshopper along with two other gunboats, the ‘Scorpion’ and ‘Dragonfly’, sailed from Hong Kong to Singapore.

The crew had a pet dog called Judy, she fell into the Yangtse from the ‘Gnat’ and nearly drowned, survived the sinking of the HMS Grasshopper, torpedoed in SS Van Waerwijck, wounded by Japanese rifle fire in Sumatra and lacerated by an alligator. She survived the camps and was awarded the Dickin Medal - the animal VC.

1942/02/10 - The HMS Grasshopper left Singapore for Batavia.


1942/02/14 - Off Rusuk Buaga Island in the Banka Straights, she was attacked and sunk by Japanese aircraft at 0800 hours.


The roll below is of the crew fatalities

As supplied from Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Also good reference found in ‘Singapore’s Dunkirk’ by Geoffrey Brooke

Also ‘The Judy Story - The Dog With Six Lives’ by E. Varlry


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Bakaria Bin Haji Abdul Samat,


Able Seaman

Ball, Frederick Walter

P/JX 127951

Leading Seaman

Best, Edwin

P/LX 611519


Betteridge, Thomas


Ordinary Seaman

Bittles, Robert Mackie

D/JX 170087

Able Seaman

Blakemore, Daniel

C/K 37600

Leading Stoker

Boyne, David Forbes

C/JX 262355

Ordinary Seaman

Brown, Thomas Barry

C/SSX 28834

Able Seaman

Bryce, Alexander


Stoker 1st Class

Christopher, William

P/KX 81363

Petty Officer Stoker

Copping, Norman


Leading Stoker

Deste, Frank Duncombe

P/K 60218

Petty Officer Stoker

Dunford, Alfred Joseph

P/K 62043

Petty Officer Stoker

Dunster, Arthur Frederick

C/JX 201763

Able Seaman

Hopkins, Reginald Horace

P/KX 78613

Petty Officer Stoker

Houghton, Jack

P/JX 219794

Able Seaman

Ingram, Thomas William Robertson

C/JX 156927

Leading Seaman

Ismail Bin Puteh,

MN 127

Yeoman of Signals

Jamal-Ud-Din Bin Haji Abdullah,

MN 1058


Jantan Bin Mahmud,


Able Seaman

Jones, Alfred Victor

D/MX. 68905

Engine Room Artificer 4th Class

Jones, Alun Wyn

P/KX 116335

Stoker 1st Class

King, Stanley

P/J 97030

Able Seaman

Lythgoe, John

D/SSX 32464

Ordinary Signalman

MacCue, Rees Morgan

C/KX 79483

Petty Officer Stoker

Macdonald, James

D/JX 169451

Able Seaman

Marshall, Gordon Winston Hall

D/JX 169960

Able Seaman

Monk, Donald John


Able Seaman

Muhammad Darus Bin Umar,

MN. 778

Able Seaman

Muhammad Nur Din Bin Ismail,

MN. 1077

Able Seaman

Neep, Adam William

D/KX 109869

Stoker 1st Class

Nurden, Percy Eldon


Petty Officer

Preston, William G.

P/UD/X 1509

Able Seaman

Rayfield, Alfred

C/KX 121544

Stoker 2nd Class

Renowden, John

D/JX 168931

Able Seaman

Rogers, Frederick

P/KX 87726

Leading Stoker

Slater, Roland

P/JX 162454


Smith, William Edward

P/KX 87116

Petty Officer Stoker

Sparrow, Joseph George

D/JX 172435

Able Seaman

Stubbs, Norman

P/MX 54062

Engine Room Artificer 4th Class

Wilson, John Stephen

C/JX 163163


Yusuf Bin Haji Sayid,


Able Seaman



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