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Royal Armoured Corps-tn02


Lance Corporal

Victor Kensett Styles


1918 - 2001

Royal Armoured Corps

2nd Armoured Division


Service Record

Service with the Colours:-


Enlisted into the Royal Armoured Corps embodied Territorial Army and posted to 4th County of London Yeomanry


Posted to Headquarters 2nd Armoured Division


Overseas Service: Middle East


Reported missing, Confirmed Italian Prisoner of War


In allied hands reached South Italy


Repatriated to United Kingdom, and attached to 161 Reconnaissance Regiment


Posted to 161 Reconnaissance Regiment 1


Posted to 100 Officer Cadet Training Unit 30.09.1945, released to Army Reserve


Discharged from Reserve Liability 30 June 1959. Auth: Navy, Army and Air Forces Reserve Act 1959


    Military Conduct:-

    Exemplary Testimonial: "A very capable man of excellent appearance and character.

    He is meticulous in his work and thoroughly honest and sober."


    Medals issued etc:-

    Mentioned in Despatches London Gazette 1945/09/20

    1939-45 Star

    Africa Star

    Medal 1939-45


Movements in Italy SOE Report

Page 1 Brief outline of Trooper Victor Kensett Styles Fought with a Russian detachment, Fought with partisans' Found with British & Italian patrols Destroyed German vehicles. M.I.D Page 3 He escape from a train out side the area of Piacenza Italy near Milan, on the 13th Sept 1943 Page 4 Sept 1943 Escaped from train Dec 1943 Was in the area of Castel di sangro near Campobasso & Avezzano. recaptured by the Germans taken to Frosinone, then he escaped. This was in the Modena area in North Italy.

March 1944. Hid for 3 months in Tugliacozzo or Tagliacozzo near Avezzano. April 1944, May 1944, June 1944

Met up with partisans, he met a man called Sam Paniche, he was small and fat, he came from Caglia. Also met a Capt Nardi. Their HQ was at Montefiorino under the cammond of Major Johnston. July 1944 Met up with Russians at Monte Cantiari, they also wnt to Monte Tondo, Soave, Verona. Sept 1944 Was in Villa Minozzo, near Modena. Page 5 Sept 1944 Lama di Monchio, Palagano, south of Reggio nell 'Emila was then sent to Musiara, Neviano degli Arduini, Italy, action on the Pontrremoli Road. Oct 1944 to 23 November 1944 Operation under Captain Johnston. 26th November 1944 Took this route Ligonehio, Capitsletto, Sillano, Cureggie, Colli. net Major Oldham. 30th Novemebr 1944 Went to Pietrasants - route Reggio, Leghorn, then to Florence, he was sent to Rome.


Post War

After the War Victor K Styles lived in the London area he went into teaching, and devoted his time in helping people.

Victor died in West Hampstead, London in 2001.


Imformation Wanted

I am trying to trace my uncle's movements during WORLD WAR 2, he was a British prisoner or war in camp Capua. When the allies landed Scilly and to the mainland of Italy he was transferred to Germany by train, he and others an others escaped and joined the partisans. He was captured in North Africa at Mechili in 1941. This information was supplied by the Red Cross. The infomation I have in the Lake Como area, I am not sure where the Capua are in Italy.

Vic Styles from Southampton England

VKStyles Nephew -


''Our Thanks are for being a Chapter in Life.''




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