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James Ernest John Stubberfield


Born 1910, Sussex

Son of Ernest H. and Sarah Ann Stubberfield, of Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex.


Royal Artillery

31/7 Coast Regiment



The 7 Coast Regiment embarked in the Largs Bay in the Clyde.

The Largs Bay was a Aberdeen and Commonwealth ship recently converted to troop ship.

1941/08/31 - Sailing from Bristol Channel ports (Swansea and Newport),  Liverpool  and also the Clyde. The convoy formed off Oversay.

1941/09/04 - The Convoy was split into slow and fast to Freetown, South Africa. The Largs Bay was in the fast convoy named WS 11F.

1941/09/13 - WS 11 F arrived Freetown.

1941/09/18 - United again the convoy sailed from Freetown at sea splitting again into fast and slow to Capetown. Largs Bay in WS 11F.

1942/10/03 - The reorganised convoy, including the Largs Bay, sailed for Durban.

1941/10/17 - At position 10N 52.30E the convoy split yet again with the Largs Bay joining WS 11X to Bombay.

1941/10/22 - Arrived Bombay.

1941/10/27 - Departed Bombay for Colombo

1941/10/31 - Arrived Colombia and sailed for Singapore.

1941/11/06 - Arrived Singapore.

1941/12/08 - Japanese invade Malaya, Britain declared war on Japan.

The 7 Coast manned guns at:-

Beting Kusha Battery - 2x6inch guns

Johore Battery- 3x15inch guns, two of which were used against the Japanese as they could be turned to target them on Johore and Singapore.

The 7th Coast Battery was within the 9th Coast Regiment, manning the 15inch guns of Jahore Battery, and the 22nd Battery manning the 9.2inch guns on Pulau Tekong, being the nearest to the mainland.

After the causeway was blown the 7 Coast’s 31 Battery RA and 7th Battery HKSRA were situated on the West side of Singapore City.

1942/02/15 - Singapore surrenders to Japan.


1942/02/13 - Officially evacuated from Blakan Mati

1942/03/02 - Died of wounds Malai Hospital, Singapore

1942/03/14 - Reported missing after surrender, Casualty List No. 771.

Casualty List No. 1097. Previously shown on Casualty List No. 771 as Missing 15/02/1942 - Malaya, now Presumed Killed in Action. Original source records Date of Casualty as 02-03/03/1942. (Previously shown with Initials as J E). "PD" hand written on original source.



Age 32


Died of Wounds in Malai Hospital, Singapore


Loved Ones

Son of Ernest H. and Sarah Ann Stubberfield, of Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex.



Singapore memorial - Addenda Panel

Column 31.

Singapore Memorial





1939-1945 Star-tn

Pacific Star

War Medal

1939-1945 Star



Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Key Records:- WO 304/6, WO 361/2188, WO 304/6, WO 417/40, WO 361/2192, WO 417/58


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