To honour those who served their country

“In this their finest hour”

Royal Navy-tn

P/MX 78421

Joiner 4th Class

William Stanley


Royal Navy

H.M.S. Barham



 Age: 21

25th November 1941

HMS Barham

When H.M.S. Barham was torpedoed and, 4.5 minutes later, sunk after an explosion.


Loved Ones

Son of Robert Stanley, and of Florence Stanley, of Carlton, Nottinghamshire

Brother to Leslie Robert ,  Kenneth, Dennis and Florence Beryl Burton (Stanley).

Uncle to Alan, Paul, Karen, Carol, Janet, Julie and Gail



Panel 56, Column 3.





The Admiralty Regrets
Ernie Jones B/Tel D/JX162202


Sailing through a sunlit sea
On a mission of war,
She was a ship at half past three
A wreck at half past four.

No warning as to tragedy
No chance to be prepared
The ship in all her majesty
Unwittingly was snared.

A great explosion rent the air
As four tinfish struck home,
Succeeded by a brilliant glare
And sea churned into foam.

Four minutes it was till she went down,
Her white Ensign still flying,
But many a man was left to drown
Who'd had no thought of dying.

It happened in nineteen forty one
The twenty fifth of November,
But though the years have passed and gone
I for one, remember.

At the going down of the sun
When the sea is calm and still,
It seems they haven't gone
Or if they ever will.

For though they lie beneath the sea,
No spot to mark their grave,
Their names live on in memory
Their souls lie with the brave.


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