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Acting Skipper Lieutenant

Case James Albert Silom


1985 - Born Lowestoft, Suffolk

Son of James Henry and Frances Elizabeth (nee Rivett) Silom

1901 Census - Brother of James, Giles and Alice living at Gilpin Terrace, Rachel Estate, Oulton, Suffolk

1915/07/06 - Married Florence Esther Cable

Blessed with children Frances, Margaret, Marjorie, Florence, Frederick and Monica

Royal Naval Reserve

HMS Cressy WWI

HMS Peter Hendriks WWII



1914/09/25 - Naval Report, A4888, Seaman, HMS Cressy, Royal Naval Reserve, reported ‘Missing’. Later reported rescued, no longer missing.

Silom-Case-James-HMS Cressy

1914/09/22 - At 6:20 am  in the North Sea, HMS Aboukir was torpedoed by SM U-9 and sank in 35 minutes. As this was the first use of a submarine in war time, it was believed the HMS Aboukir had hit a mine. At 6:55 am, ‘Hogue’ was struck by two torpedoes and sunk. As no avoiding action was taken HMS Cressy, in the same convoy, was also hit and sunk by the German Submarine after she had  stopped to rescue the survivors from H.M.S. Aboukir and Hogue. 1,397 men were lost in this submarine attack, 224 were on the HMS Cressy.

1918 - Leading Seaman, Medals Awarded:-

WWI Medals


1924/03/28 - Leading Seaman, Royal Naval Reserve, number on medal 16570.

1934/03/12 - Officer is qualified for Responsibility Allowance., Officer has qualified as Unit Commander of A/S Trawlers. Is a Skipper but now an Acting Skipper Lieutenant.

 1936 to 1939 - Arab revolt in Palestine, later came to be known as The Great Revolt.

At the beginning of the Revolt crew from the Haifa Naval Force's two cruisers were used to carry out tasks ashore, manning two howitzers and naval lorries equipped with QF 2 pounder naval guns and searchlights used to disperse Arab snipers. From the end of June two destroyers were used to patrol the coast of Palestine in a bid to prevent gun running. These searched as many as 150 vessels per week and were an effective preventive measure. At the request of the Army additional naval platoons landed in July to help protect Haifa and Jewish settlements in the surrounding countryside. The Navy also relieved the Army of duties in Haifa by using nine naval platoons to form the Haifa Town Force and in August three naval platoons were landed to support the police. Following publication of the Peel Commission's report in July 1937 HMS¬ Repulse sailed to Haifa where landing parties were put ashore to maintain calm. Various other naval vessels continued with this role until the end of the revolt.

 According to official British figures covering the whole revolt, the army and police killed more than 2,000 Arabs in combat, 108 were hanged, and 961 died because of what they described as "gang and terrorist activities". The British statistics estimate 19,792 casualties for the Arabs, with 5,032 dead, 3,832 killed by the British and 1,200 dead due to intracommunal terrorism, and 14,760 wounded.

1937 - Returned to M.I.N.Y.

1941 - Appointed Acting Skipper Lieutenant

1941/09/25 - Skipper, Case James Albert Silom, RNR to 1942/03/

1942/02/ - W.S. 2641, Acting Skipper Lieutenant, HMS Peter Hendriks

HMS Peter Hendriks (FY 260) as a Royal Navy ASW Trawler

Built in 1935. Taken over by the Admiralty in November 1939.

Displacement: 266 tons.

Silom-Case-James-William - Peter Hendriks

1943/12/31 - Chief Skipper, Royal Naval Reserve

1946/02/ - The HMS Peter Hendriks was returned to her owner.

Naval General Service Medal 1915-1962 GVI Palestine 1936-1939

Naval General Service Medal 1915-1962 GVI Palestine 1936-1939




Lowestoft, Waveney District, Suffolk,



Paul Silom

KEW Files:- D26091914, ADM171-124, ADM171-71,


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