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Royal Artillery-tn



John McClure Scullion

Known as Jack


1916/09/08 - Born Darlington

Son of William and Isabella M. M. (nee McClure) Scullion

1937/04/19 - Enlisted

Royal Artillery

7th Battery, 5 Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment



1937/12/04 - Posted with 5th Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment to Fort Stanley Hong Kong.

1941/12/08 - Japan entered the war and attacked Hong Kong.


1942/01/24 - WO 417/37, Casualty List No. 729. Reported Missing.



Japanese PoW

1941/12/25 - Captured Hong Kong

Shamshuipo Camp

PoW No. 2449

Japanese PoW Card - Side One


Japanese PoW Card - Side Two


1942/09/04 - Transported from Hong Kong in Shi Maru with 1st Draft to Japan

Sailed in Convoy XD1 with 620 poWs

These were considered the hard men who would not sign the ‘No Escape’ document.

1942/09/15 - Arrive Yokohama, Japan

New PoW No. 231

Tokyo Main Camp - Omori

Also known as Shinagawa POW Camp

1943/04/02 - Transferred to Osaka Zosen.

New PoW No. 518

The camp was also known as Tokyo 10D, Tsurumi.


Taken from Affidavit at the War Crime Trials

Tsurumi Camp

1st Lt Orville Stanford

(Jack named as Scallion and Sgt. Tanaka was Japanese Camp Commander)

Sgt. Tanaka had a stores and clothing inventory and found that several of the POW’s had bartered their shoes and clothing with the Japanese workmen. As the result the guilty men were punished by being slapped and made to hold weights tied to sticks at arms length. The camp sailed along fairly well with the occasional slappings by Suzuki and Rui until the summer of 1943 when Sgt. Tanaka caught some of the men cooking white rice. (white rice was very seldom issued to us) Obviously it was stolen. The entire camp was made to stand at attention while Sgt. Tanaka questioned one man at a time when he called on Pvt. Paul Yates. Yates confessed to assisting several men break out of camp and rob a Jap storehouse. Yates named the other men implicated. The ten guilty men were stood to attention in front of the guard house and the balance of the men were excused. (camp strength at this time was 52 men). I remember some of the men found guilty “ Paul Yates, Richards, Davis, Goss, Whitby, Smith, Loftus, Scallion. They were made to hold weights and were beaten very severely by Suzuki, Rui and Tanaka, but no one suffered any after effects.


1945/09/04 - Liberated




Jack temporally enlisted into the Australian army so that he could receive treatment.

Taken to Manila Philippines.


USS Gosper

 Jack boarded the USS Gosper as passenger 196.

1945/09/20  Departed Manila, sailing via Hawaii to Vancouver.

1945/10/11 - Arrived Vamncouver

Ile de France

Sailed Ile de France

 1945/10/31 - Arrived Southampton


1945/11/08 - WO417/99, Casualty List No. 1905. Previously shown on Casualty List No. 886 as reported Prisoner of War now Not Prisoner of War. Previous Theatre of War, Hong Kong.




1939-1945 Star-tn

Pacific Star

War Medal

1939-1945 Star


Post War

1946/04/30 - Discharged from the Army after 9 years 12 days regular service, and transferred to the reserve.



Ian Scullion - Grandson

Cec Lowry

Tan DingXiang

Mike Heather

Tony Banham - Author:-

        ‘Not the Slightest Chance - The Defence of Hong Kong 1941’

        ‘The Sinking of the Lisbon Maru’

        ‘We Shall Suffer There’

        ‘Reduced to a Symbolical Scale - The Evacuation of British Women and Children from Hong Kong to Australia in 1940’

Japanese Transport

Roger Mansell - Tokyo 10D, Tsurumi

KEW Files:- WO 361/1970, WO 361/1970, WO 361/1984, WO 361/1970,


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