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Norman Scarfe


1920/09/04 - Born Halifax, Yorkshire

Son of Leonard and Lillian Scarfe

Duke of Wellington’s Regiment

2nd Battalion



1941/12/08 - Japan entered the war by attacking Malaya

1941/12/15 - Japanese and Burmese nationalists, invaded Burma to cut off the Chinese  Nationalist forces supply line at Rangoon.

The 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Wellington’s Regiment, were moved from Peshawar, on the North West border of India, and shipped to Rangoon.

1942/02/14 -  They were transported to the far side of the Sittang River.

1942/02/20 -  The Indian Army at the Sitting River were being forced back and could not hold back the Japanese advance.

1942/02/22 - The fast flowing Sittang River had one escape route by a railway bridge. This was blown up under fire at night leaving part of his division on the far side. The 2nd Duke of Wellingtons and 1st/3rd Gurkha Rifles held the far side of the bridge while members of the division made their escape ropes, rafts or swimming.

By the end of the battle the equivalent of one brigade had been lost, either killed, drowned or taken prisoner. 

Norman was taken prisoner at the Sittang River.


1942/05/18 - WO 417/43, Casualty List No. 826. Reported ‘Missing’.


Japanese PoW

1942/02/24 - Captured Sittang River, Burma

PoW No. 217

6B POW Camp, which was Rangoon Jail.

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


New PoW No. IV 9483

1945/04/25 - PoWs marched out of Rangoon Jail by the guards, leaving 150 sick in the jail who were considered unfit to undertake the march. New ex-civilian guards were brought into the jail.

Norman was left at Rangoon Jail.

1945/04/29 - In the evening the PoWs left at the jail heard the guards leave by vehicles. This was confirmed by the C.O. of 2 Block who had found a note:-


Thinking this could be a trick the C.O. and an Indian doctor went to the main gate of Rangoon Jail and found a note left by the guards:-

McKenna-William-John-06tn McKenna-William-John-06btn

The PoWs then locked the gates and armed themselves with whatever they could find and mounted a guard till dawn.

1945/04/30 - These 150 were released by the I.A.N., the jail was fortified and guarded by them till Allied troops arrived.

The 150 PoWs were then flown to India to recuperate.


Rangoon Jail Report


1945/05/31 - WO417_92_2, Casualty List No. 1770. Previously shown on Casualty List No. 796 (Corrected by No. 826) as reported Missing, Approximately 23/02/1942, now reported Not Missing.




1939-1945 Star-tn


Pacific Star

War Medal

1939-1945 Star

Burma Star



Angie Rice

KEW Files:- AIR 40/1855, WO 392/26, WO 361/1948,


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