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Ronald John Nicholas Sartin

Whilst a FEPOW commissioned to 2nd Lieutenant, 263333


1909/10/09 - Born Monmouth, Monmouthshire, Wales

Royal Engineers

Special Training School 101



Was in ‘Stay Behind Party’ with Then Major Freddy Spencer Chapman.

Ronald was commissioned from Sergeant to 2nd Lieutenant, 263333, whilst a FEPOW.

Later awarded Military Cross for gallant and distinguished service in South East Asia.


Japanese PoW

1942/03/19 - Captured Malaya

Pudu Jail

PoW No. M135

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card -n Side Two


1942/10/14- Transported from Kuala Lumpur overland to Thailand

Nong Pladuk Camp, Thailand

New PoW No. I 24706

Liberated Ubon Camp, Thailand

New PoW No. I 14107

1945/08/30 - Liberated


Military Cross

Recommendation for the Military Cross, written by Spencer Chapman, reads as follows:-

From 24 to 28 December 1941, Lieutenant Sartin was a member of a patrol which carried out reconnaissance behind Japanese lines in the Blanja area of Perak, Malaya. As a result of this reconnaissance it was decided that a small number of fighting patrols should be passed through the enemy lines to operate along his lines of communication. Lieutenant Sartin as demolition officer accompanied one of these small units, which from 30 Jan. To 15 Feb. 1942, was active in the Tanjong Malin area on the Perak / Selangor border.

Throughout this period Lieutenant Sartin displayed considerable skill ( as a demolition expert ), courage and resolution, operating almost every night on the Japanese lines of communication through the area. It is reliably estimated that the party to which Lieutenant Sartin belonged ( total strength of 3 ), effected the following damage on the enemy;

5 - 8 trains derailed

4 large bridge abutment damaged

9 small railway girder bridges destroyed

60 - 70 rail cuts

9 road craters

400 -  500 telephone wires cut

7 - 10 m t destroyed

500 - 1000 Japanese killed.

Lieutenant Sartin was primarily responsible for executing these demolitions, which were carried out under most difficult circumstances, and on numerous occasions was involved in fighting at close quarters against considerable odds.

His skill, courage and devotion to duty during these actions were in a large measure responsible for the success achieved by the small outnumbered patrol to which he belonged.

Lieutenant Sartin was taken prisoner by the Japanese on 14 March 1942'. I recommend that he be awarded the Military Cross.

Recommended by Lieutenant Colonel F.S. Chapman, DSO, 5th Seaforth Highlanders.


Post War

1946 - Married  to Mildred A. Bedley at Andover, Hampshire







David Sartin

Ray Withnall - Ubon Camp Information

KEW:- WO 361/2172, WO 361/1955, WO 361/2196, WO 392/26, WO 361/2064, WO 361/2165, WO 361/2165, WO 361/2199,


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