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East Surrey Regiment


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British Battalion


The 2nd Battalion, East Surrey Regiment and 1st Battalion, Leicestershire Regiment were amalgamated to form the ‘British Battalion’  during World War II. The two battalions suffered heavy losses in North Malaya after the Japanese attack in December 1941 and were amalgamated on 20th December 1941 as the ‘British Battalion under the command of Lieut. Col. C.E. Morrison, D.S.O., M.C., of The Royal Leicestershire Regiment. They fought as such till Malaya and Singapore fell to the Japanese on the 15th February 1942.


2nd Battalion, East Surrey Regiment Roll 2nd Battalion, East Surrey Regiment

Ist Battalion, Royal Leicestershire Regiment Roll Ist Battalion, Royal Leicestershire Regiment



The roll of the British Battalion is printed by kind permission of CHYE KOOI LOONG from his book:- THE BRITISH BATTALION in the MALAYAN CAMPAIGN 1941-42

The new revised edition has 100 photographs and 80 maps. and is a recognised World War 2 reference book and is used as a military text in many military colleges in Malaysia and other countries.

The revised edition is only available from:- The Department of Museums and Antiquities, MALAYSIA, Jalan Damansara, KUALA LUMPUR.

Price: Soft cover is Ringgit 80 and the hard cover is Ringgit 120.

My best regards to all veterans of the one and only British Battalion who fought so gallantly at the four day epic BATTLE OF KAMPAR December 30th 1941 to 2nd January 1942. The citizens of Kampar and in fact Malaysia have never forgotten the gallant stand of the plucky British and Indian soldiers .









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