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A Brief History of the 7th and 9th Coast Regiments Royal Artillery

Between the two World Wars there was a major reorganisation of the Royal Artillery, where it had been decided in 1926 that all Home Coastal defence Regiments would become Territorial Army and all overseas units would be Regulars. It is almost impossible to separate the 7th Coast and the 9th Coast Regiments as they worked so closely together.

By 1933 the Coast Defence Unit in Singapore was designated 7th Heavy Brigade RA with 11th and 22nd Heavy Batteries RA and 3rd Heavy Battery HKSRA. In addition the Hong Kong Coast Defences had a Hong – Kong Singapore Brigade with its HQ in Hong Kong and 3 Batteries stationed in Singapore - 2nd, 4th and 5th Heavy Batteries RA.

Due to the expansion of Coast Defences in Singapore a new Heavy Brigade, the 9th was raised in 1934 consisting of 7th and 22nd Heavy Batteries. In 1938 the term Brigade was replaced as Regiment.

On the outbreak of War in September 1939 the Singapore defences consisted of:

7th Heavy Regiment RA – 11th and 31st Batteries RA and 5th and 7th Batteries HKSRA

9th Heavy Regiment RA – 7th, 22nd and 32nd Batteries RA

In the summer of 1940 Coast Units had their title changed from Heavy Regiments to Coast Regiments. [Re Designated 9th Coast Regiment 14th December 1940.]

Both the 7th and 9th Coast Regiments were formed in situ. The 7th lost one of its Batteries to form the  9th Heavy and additional personnel were sent out from the UK to form the extra Batteries.


In February 1942 the Singapore Fixed Defences consisted of the following Units:

Commander Fixed Defences Singapore – Brigadier AD Curtis

7th Coast Regiment RA – 11th & 31st Batteries RA 5th and 7th Batteries HKSRA


9th Coast Regiment RA – 7th, 22nd and 32nd Batteries RA


11th Coast Regiment RA – 8th Coast and 20th Heavy AA Batteries HKSRA


16th Defence Regiment RA 966 Battery RA and 967 and 968 Batteries HKSRA.


On the 12th February 1942 the Coastal Batteries were destroyed and at 01.30 hours on the 13th February 1942 the garrison was marched to the Indian Recreation Ground in Singapore where the Unit is formed into an Infantry Battalion and used as support troops.

At 16.30 hours o the 15th February 1942 the Regiment ceased to exist as a fighting unit and was Disbanded – Lost at Singapore.


My thanks to David Barton and Keith Andrews for their invaluable information.

Michael Nellis





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