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The regiment pages contain information on the regiments with the complete roll of those named within.


My sincere thanks to the many authors and scholars who have researched and listed these regiments, also the staff of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission who have given their help by supplying database lists,  special thanks to Derek.




World War II


Complete Regimental Rolls


Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment (Complete) Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment

Cambridgeshire Regiment Cambridgeshire Regiment

Gordon Highlander Regiment Gordon Highlander Regiment

Gurkha Regiments Gurkha Regiments

Leicestershire Regiment Leicestershire Regiment

Royal Army Ordnance Corps Royal Army Ordnance Corps


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HMS Exeter Crew HMS Exeter Crew


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bullet151 British Sumatra Battalion


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Singapore & Malay Regiments & Forces


Field Ambulance

    196th Field Ambulance 196th Field Ambulance

    198th Field Ambulance 198th Field Ambulance


 Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment

    Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire 5th Battalion 5th Battalion


Cambridgeshire Regiment

    Cambridgeshire Regiment 1st and 2nd Battalions


East Surrey Regiment and Royal Leicestershire Regiment

    British Battalion British Battalion


 Gordon Highlander Regiment

    Manchester Regiment 1st Battalion 2nd Battalion (includes all the 2nd Battalion)


Leicestershire Regiment

    Leicestershire Regiment 1st Battalion 1st Battalion


Malayan Volunteers

    Federated Malay States Volunteer Force Federated Malay States Volunteer Force

    Straits Settlements Volunteer Force Straits Settlements Volunteer Force


Malayan Police Forces

    Federated Malay States Volunteer Force Federated Malay States Police Force

    Straits Settlements Police Force Straits Settlements Police Force


Malayan Navy

    Malayan Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve Malayan Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve


Manchester Regiment

    Manchester Regiment 1st Battalion 1st Battalion


Royal Armoured Corps

    3rd King’s Own Hussars 3rd King’s Own Hussars


Royal Artillery

    7th Coast Regiment  7th Coast Regiment

    9th Coast Regiment  9th Coast Regiment

    135 Field Regiment 135 Field Regiment (The Hertfordshire Yeomanry)

    137 Field Regiment 137 Field Regiment (The Blackpool Regiment)

    Lanarkshire Yeomanry 155 Field Regiment (The Lanarkshire Yeomanry)


Royal Navy

    Plymouth Argyll Royal Marines Plymouth Argyll Royal Marines


Royal Norfolk Regiment

    5th Battalion - Royal Norfolk Regiment 4th Battalion

    5th Battalion - Royal Norfolk Regiment 5th Battalion

    6th Battalion - Royal Norfolk Regiment 6th Battalion


Suffolk Regiment

    4th Battalion - Royal Suffolk Regiment 4th Battalion

    5th Battalion - Royal Suffolk Regiment 5th Battalion


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