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Royal Army Service Corps-tn


Lance Corporal

Robert Crawford Robertson


1919/01/21 - Born Scone, Scotland

Royal Army Service Corps

12 Company


Japanese PoW

1941/12/25 - Captured Hong Kong

PoW No. 2582

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1942/-9/04 - Shi Maru  left in convoy XD1 from Hong Kong with First Draft to Japan. It carried 620 PoWs, many of these would not sign the ‘No Escape’ document. Most were from the Shamshuipo Camp, Hong Kong.

1942/09/15 - Arrived Yokohama, Japan

Arrived Yokohama Stadium Camp

PoW No. 4300

POWs used docks and service yards. also electric motor plant

1942/09/25 - Renamed Tokyo  2B

1943/08/01 - Renamed Tokyo 3B

1944/05/01 - Transferred to Tokyo 15D - Niigata Tekkojo

Worked in Steel Mill

1945/08 - Renamed 15-B

(as listed in Original roster Tokyo 15B)

(as listed in roster Tokyo 15B of August 15th 1945)

Liberated Tokyo 15B



5th May 1987


Stanley Robertson

Hong Kong War Diary

Japanese Transports

Tokyo 3B - Roll of Honour

Tokyo 15B Original Roster - Roger Mansell

Tokyo 15B Roster (1945/08/15) - Roger Mansell

KEW:- WO 345/44, WO 361/1970, WO 361/1970, WO 392/26, WO 361/1984,


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