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P/KX 111377

Stoker 1st Class

Percy James Reading


 United Kingdom

Royal Navy Unit

H.M.S. Dunedin


Service document copy was supplied by Royal Naval records for the standard fee under the Freedom of Information Act.


Born at St. Pancras, London 25th September 1920

Pre war trade was given as Timber Porter


Royal Arthur - 9th July 1940 as Stoker 2nd Class

Victory 2 - 14th August 1940 as Stoker 2nd Class

Dunedin - 20th October 1940 as Stoker 2nd Class

Dunedin - 8th June 1941 as Stoker 1st Class



24th November 1941


When H.M.S. Dunedin was torpedoed in the South Atlantic by U-124, commanded by Jochen Mohr. Three torpedoes were fired, two torpedoes hit within seconds of each other, at around 1326 GMT, the first striking amidships, wrecking the main wireless office, the second further aft, probably near the officers’ quarters. The first hit sent the ship lurching to starboard, the second caused even greater damage dismounting the after 6in gun, and blowing off the starboard screw. Immediately men began to abandon ship, jumping over the side to the Carley floats and any available debris. Dunedin turned on her beam ends and sank in about seventeen minutes. According to U-124’s war diary, Mohr moved in before Dunedin sank and fired a fourth torpedo, but missed.

419 men lost their lives in the sinking.


Loved Ones

Mother Mrs M Reading of Kentish Town, London



 Panel 55, Column 3.



Condolence slip and medal box photos supplied by George Willoughby





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