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William Parkinson



Royal Navy

HMS Warspite


Japanese POW

Travelling on the SS Nankin from Australia to India when the German raider Thor on the 10th May 1942 intercepted the ship at about latitude 270 south longitude 900 east.

The captain of the SS Nankin ordered the crew and passengers into the lifeboats for the fear of the explosives being transported exploding if the German raider opened fire. They were picked up by the German raider and placed in the holds with other prisoners taken from Wellpark, Willesde and Kirkpool, roughly 450 prisoners in total were aboard.

Taken to Japan and placed in Japanese hands.

  Taken to Tokyo 23-D Kawasaki (Daishihon).  Camp was established 20th September 1944. POW number at camp was 33.

30th  Junuary 1945 the camp was closed and all POWs transferred to Tok-01B-Kawasaki (Oshima).

William was awarded the British Empire Medal for obtaining a food supply whilst a POW.


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