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“In this their finest hour”

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William Parkinson


1917/09/04 - Born Bolton, Lancashire

Son of William and Jane Parkinson

1940/01/11 - Enlisted

18 Reconnaissance Corps

18th Division



1940 left Fullwood Barracks, Preston for Liverpool. The final destination was unknown but was thought to be North Africa.

Reina Del Pacifico-2

1941/10/30 - Sailed from Liverpool

1941/11/08 - Reached Halifax

USS Mount Vernon-2

Transferred to U.S.S. Mount Vernon

1941/10/10 - Sailed for Cape Town, South Africa. Then on to Kenya and Bombay, India.

Empress of Asia - 3

1942/01/21 - In Bombay Ivan changed ships for the Empress of Asia which sailed for Singapore

The ship was bombed by the Japanese about three mile from Singapore, eventually ending up at Medan, Sumatra


Japanese PoW

1942/08/17 - Captured Padang

Under Commander Captain R.W. (Peter) Morley

PoW No. 91

1942/06/15 - Driven in open trucks from Padang on the west coast to Belawen on the north east coast

Gloegoer Camp, Belawen, which is the port for Medan

1942/06/22 - Gloegoer Camp, Medan, Sumatra

Under Major P.E. Campbell, 9th Indian Div.

On 17 July they were forced to sign a ‘No Escape paper’.

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two



harugiku Maru

1944/06/24 - The Harugiku Maru (sometimes called Van Waerwijck), left Belawan  with 1174 PoW’s (Dutch, British and Australian), destination Sumatra-railway. The PoWs came from camps in Northern-Sumatra: Gloegoer (720 men) and Soengei Sengkol (458 men). The ship sailed in convoy with 2 small tankers and 2 small corvettes.

1944/06/26 (at 14:00) - The ship, navigating quite near the coast, was hit by two torpedoes from the submarine HMS Truculent (the ship broke in half and sank in a few minutes). One corvette and one tanker were also sunk. The other ships of the convoy took the surviving men on board. A total of 178 men drowned (113 Dutch, 48 British, 12 Australian), the survivors were taken by various ships to Singapore, where further 22 men died from wounds, pneumonia and exhaustion.

1944/06/28 - Transported to River Valley, Singapore

Under Major P.E. Campbell, 9th Indian Div.

1944/07/04 - The ferry Queen Elisabeth 3 took the first group of 250 survivors to Pakan Baroe, Sumatra, to work on the Sumatra-railway. During the following days another three transports were made.

1944/08/04 - Transported to Pakan Baroe to work on the Sumatra Railway

Under Commander Lt. Nichols

New PoW No. 8364

1945/09/02 - Liberated

1945/10/15 - Released for repatriation


Jane Parkinson

Escape from Singapore - 1942

KEW:- WO 361/2006, WO 392/25, WO 345/39, WO 345/28, WO 361/1948, WO 361/2178, WO 361/2063,


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