To honour those who served their country

“In this their finest hour”

Royal Artillery-tn



Leslie Nowell


1915/05/13 - Born York

Son of George Ernest and Eliza Nowell

Royal Artillery

315/5 Searchlight Regiment


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Captured Singapore

PoW No. M-903

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


Nissyo Maru

1942/04/04 - Transported in Nissyo Maru to French-Indo China (Vietnam).

The Saigon Battalion consisted of 1,118 PoWs.

Commander Lt-Col Francis E. Hugonin

New PoW No. IV 13433

1943/06/22 - Transported to Thailand to work on the Thailand -Burma Railway

Commander Lt-Col Francis E. Hugonin

New PoW No. IV 43624

1944/06/23 - Left Tha Muang, Thailand en-route to Japan

Kachidoki Maru

1944/09/04 - Transported Convoy HI-72 from Singapore in Kachidoki Maru, destination Japan. The convoy included the Rakuyo Maru with 1317 PoWs (Australian and British) and the Kachidoki Maru with 900 PoWs (all British).

1944/09/12 - The convoy was attacked by American submarines as the two PoW transport ships were not marked as carrying PoWs.

USS Pamanito

 The USS Pampanito fired three torpedoes at the Kachidoki Maru at 22.40 hours two hitting. The Kachidoki Maru was holed and the entire aft of the ship was completely flooded. The ship was doomed and sank below the waves. The survivors were those who jumped overboard just after the ship was hit.



12th September 1944

When the Kachidoki Maru was sunk by USS Pampanito




Singapore Memorial-3

Column 27.

Singapore Memorial


Kerry Bird

Keith Andrews

Thailand - Burma Railway

Japanese Transport

Hell Ships

KEW:- WO 361/1987, WO 361/2169, WO 361/1742, WO 361/2057, WO 361/2062, WO 361/1745, WO 392/25, WO 361/2068, WO 345/38, WO 361/2187, WO 361/2005,


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