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Alfred Albert Nairne


1913/01/09 - Born Ramsgate, Kent

1939 Register:-

Address - 23 Muir Road, Ramsgate, Ramsgate M.B., Kent, England

Son of George (diseased) and Alice (Born 1890/03/29) Nairne

Older Brother to:- Dorothy, (1914/10/10), Ethel (Born 1919/01/08),

Ronald (Born 1925/01/25)

1935 - Alfred married Elsie R Budden at Thanet (Born 1911/01/15)

Alfred’s Occupation - Labourer (Tunnel Excavator)


Royal Artillery

49 Bty., 48 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment


1943/04/05 - WO 417/59, Casualty List No 1101. Reported ‘Missing’

1946/02/16 - WO417/101, Casualty List No.1988. Previously shown on Casualty List No.1101 as Missing, 01/02/1943. Original source records Date of Casualty as on or shortly after 21/02/1942. Presumed ‘Killed in Action’.



The Territorial Chester area 21st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment together with the 48th L.A.A Regiment, 77 H.A.A.  and 18 L.A.A. Regiments of the Royal Artillery left the Clyde for the Middle East in Convoy William Sail 14X.

1941/12/08 - Japan attacked Malaya entering the war against Britain.

1942/01/13 - By the time WS 14X had reached Durban, South Africa their destination had changed to the Singapore and they sailed in Convoy DM-2 (Durban Malaya -2).

1942/01/19 - Off Mombassa at 01.05 N, 91.28 E they merged with Convoy Bm-12 (Bombay Malaya -12) and were re-routed to Batavia, Java with their supplies.

Empress of australia-3b

1942/02/03 - Arrived Batavia in Empress of Australia.

The 48 L.A.A Regiment was formed in 1940 and comprised of 49, 95 and 242 Batteries.

48 LAA Regiment, Royal Artillery, on arrival in Batavia, deployed the 49 Battery around Kalidjati airfield, North of Bandoeng. The 95 Battery were deployed at Andir airfield, Bandoeng and HQ together with 242 Battery were in Batavia.

The 77 H.A.A Regiment less 239 Battery, were transported by train to Surabaya setting up their guns to defend Eastern Java against enemy aircraft. The 239 battery stayed in defence of Batavia.

1942/02/06  -  At 0300 hrs a troop train carrying part of 77 HAA Regiment crashed into an ammunition train on a single track bridge just outside Surabaya, 30 were killed and 100 were injured.

1942/02/28 - A strong Japanese force landed  on the North Coast of Java at Eretenwetan. Using tanks they soon reached Kalidjati airfield, destroying the 49th Battery of the 48 L.A.A. Regiment.

1942/03/04 - By this time the Dutch forces in Java were being severely hit by the Japanese advance. The 239 Battery, 77 H.A.A and the 242 Battery, 48 L.A.A were ordered to move and defend the Bandoeng area.

1942/03/08 - Java surrendered to the Japanese.





Age 29





I. 110-111.




Kevin Lay

1939 Register

Commonwealth War Grave Commission

KEW Files:- None


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