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George William Morris


1921/06/02 - Born Everton, Liverpool

Son of George William and Elizabeth Sarah Morris of 44 Stonefield Road, Liverpool

Occupation Joiner

1939/03/22 - Enlisted

Royal Army Service Corps


Japanese PoW

1942/02/15 - Captured Singapore

Changi Camp

PoW No. M-6944

1942/05 - Haverlock Road Camp

Japanese Index Card - Side One


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England Maru-2-tn

1942/10/28 - Transported to Taiwan with 900 British PoWs in England Maru

1942/11/14 - Arrived Keelung, Taiwan

New PoW No. I 2832


1942/11 - Heito - Taiwan POW Camp 3

Commander Major Moffat

Work at Camp was clearing a dried up river of rocks ready to plant sugar cane. Malaria was very common at the camp as a nearby swamp housed swarms of mosquitoes.

1943/09 - Kinkaseki - Taiwan POW Camp 1

Commander Major Crossly, RA

Camp was opened in November 1942 with PoWs from the England Maru. Work involved working in copper mines which caused many deaths. This camp closed March 1945 and the PoW moved to Taikoku and relocated from there to other camps.

1945/03 - Taihoku - Taiwan POW Camp 6

Commander Captain Gibons, RASC

This camp was a transit camp from and to Kinkaseki

1945/05 - Kukutsu (Jungle Camp)  - Taiwan POW Camp 1A

Commander Major Crossly, RA

After Japan surrendered the PoWs sent to Taipei and then to an evacuation camp called Churon.

1945/08/28 -  Americans dropped food supplies from B-29's, killing three PoWs with many injured.

1945/09/07 - Liberated Churen, Taiwan


Mike Heather

Never Forgotten

KEW:- WO 392/25, WO 345/37, WO 361/1968, WO 361/2172, WO 361/1475/2, WO 361/2067, WO 361/1475,


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