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“In this their finest hour”

Royal Scots-tn



Alfred Arthur Morris


1919/11/24 -Born London

Son of Albert and Elizabeth Morris

Royal Scots Regiment

2nd Battalion


Japanese PoW

1941/12/25 - Captured Hong Kong

PoW No. 2184

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


Lisbon Maru-2

1942/09/27 - The Lisbon Maru left Hong Kong for Shanghai with 1816 prisoners on board.

Lisbon Maru - 1tn

1942/10/01 -  She was Torpedoed on 1st October by USS Grouper, 6 miles from Tung Fusham Island, off the China coast, 29°57'N, 122°56'N.

820 PoWs died in the sinking, although the death toll did not cease, prisoners dying later as a direct result of the Lisbon Maru being sunk.

Transported to Osaka Camp 2B

New PoW No. VII 43414

1945/09/06 - Liberated Osaka 2B

Age 26, home address given as 272, Creek Road, Greenwich, London



Mike Heather

Tony Banham

Lisbon Maru

KEW:- WO 392/25, WO 345/37, WO 361/1744, WO 361/1744/2,


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