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William Moffat


Born 15th January 1920, Glasgow, Scotland

Occupation Fitter

Released from his duties as his Day job in the yards on the Clyde to join up


Royal Signals


William enlisted on 28/4/1939 from the TA

The first letter received from Willie to his best friend was from:-

18th Technical Maintenance Section

3rd Indian Corps Signals

Malaya dated 12 October 1941

He was captured 15/2/1942



Japanese POW

PoW No. 4300

Imprisoned in Changi 17/2/1942 to 5/11/1943, camp Leader General Percival

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two



Between March and May 1942 officers moved to Blakang Mati Island.

British CO Major W. Smith (FMSVF) 

CO Major Douglas Oakley 2/8 Battalion (Australian Forces)

Medical Officers; Captain J. Mitchell (FMSVF) and Captain Horace Tucker (Australian Forces)


William transferred Blakang Mati 5/11/1943 - 22/8/1945, camp Leader Major D Oakey A.I.F

New PoW No. 7742

Blakang Island had over 1000 PoWs, 250 of these were Australians. The barracks and hygiene were good but the men were doing heavy work handling bombs, petrel and oil for the Japanese air force.


The first letter on his release was written from

No.2 Camp



dated 7/9/1945

Next letter on board ' Nieuw Holland' dated 5/10/1945

Telegram stating - Arrived homesafely dated 16 oct 1945

78 Transit Camp

Liverpool Transit Centre

Deyes Lane



Loved Ones

William was the son of Andrew Bell Moffat and his wife Rebecca nee MacDonald

He had a sister Elizabeth

Dumbarton Road

Partick West



On release William never went back to the shipyards but became a partner with his father in his Coal Merchant business in Partick - Andrew Moffat & Son - the red and black coal lorries

A year or so after release he met my mother and married

My mother had two daughters - I am one and later after marriage they had another two daughters. William adopted the two daughters from the first marriage.

Our ages at 2004, were 63 (Avril), 61, 57 (Barbara now deceased) & 52

My father died in 1959 of a Rupture of anterior communicating aneurysm - said to be due to repeated hammering of bayonets on the back of head whilst a POW

This young family were only one of many who were derived of their father as they grew up.

We were aware my father had suffered severely although he never would talk on the matters - my only knowledge was gleened when a fellow army POW would call on us and after a few drinks some of the horrors would be talked about between them.


William Died

Age 39

21st February 1959




Avril Anderson (Daughter)

KEW:- WO 361/1947, WO 345/36, WO 392/25, *WO 367/3, **WO 361/1585, WO 361/2062

* Prisoners of War 1715-1945 Roll could find more names at Blakang Mati, contains William

** 3rd Indian Corps of Signals; nominal roll, contains William


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