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Flight Lieutenant

Ronan Richard McSwiney


1912/10/14 - Born

Son of John and Mary McSwiney

Royal Air Force

Medical Service


Japanese PoW

1942/03/08 - Captured Java

PoW No. 11093

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index card - Side Two


1943/09/26 - 2600 PoWs travelled at 0500 hours by tramway to the endpoint in Tandjong Priok and walked to the quay of the Rotterdamse Lloyd. At 1440 hours the PoW embarked into the Makassar Maru, at 1700 hours the ship sailed.

Transported from Batavia with Java Party 17a to Singapore,

1943/09/29 - Arrived Singapore and transported to Changi

1943/10/21 - Transported with 1155 PoWs from  Singapore to Moji, Japan in Matsue Maru

1943/11/06 - The Matsue Maru arrived at Takao (Formosa). Here a group of Dutch and British officers disembarked and 50 British PoWs embarked.

1943/11/15 - The Matsue Maru arrived at Moji after the convoy was attacked by American bombers, the Matsue Maru escaped without being hit.

The whole journey from Singapore took 26 days.

New PoW No. 15001

Taken to Keisen-Machi, Kaho-Gun Fukuoka-Ken Camp

1945/05/13 - Camp renamed Fukuoka Branch XXVI

 Fukuoka Branch XXVI - Keisen-Machi, Kaho-Gun Fukuoka-Ken

Yoshikuma Coal Company, owned by the ASO family

 1945/09/17 - Liberated Fukuoka B26


KEW:- WO 345/34, WO 345/34, WO 361/2009, WO 361/1254, WO 361/1988, WO 361/2218


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