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William John McKenna



1915/04/07 - Born Glasgow, Scotland

Son of William John (Snr) and Mary (nee McGarthland) Mckenna

(William John McKenna Snr died 1920 and was buried 1920/04/29 at St Peter's Dalbeth Cemetery)

Mary remarried Patrick Brady after William (Snr) died, and became Mary Brady

1934/01/15 - William John Jnr. Enlisted Regular Army

Cameronians - Scots Rifles

1st Battalion



The Cameronians arrived in Burma early 1942 with the object of holding the Japanese advance so civilians and troops could be evacuated. It was a tough assignment as there was a lack of weapons available and hardly any transport. Many of the Cameronians were killed or captured.


1942/06/08 - WO 417/44, Casualty List No. 853. Reported ‘Missing’.


Japanese PoW

1942/03/12 - Captured Burma

Rangoon Jail

PoW No. VI 64

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


New PoW No. IV 7255

1945/04/25 - PoWs marched out of Rangoon Jail by the guards, leaving 150 sick in the jail who were considered unfit to undertake the march. New ex-civilian guards were brought into the jail.

1945/04/29 - In the evening the PoWs left at the jail heard the guards leave by vehicles. This was confirmed by the C.O. of 2 Block who had found a note:-


Thinking this could be a trick the C.O. and an Indian doctor went to the main gate of Rangoon Jail and found a note left by the guards:-

McKenna-William-John-06tn McKenna-William-John-06btn

The PoWs then locked the gates and armed themselves with whatever they could find and mounted a guard till dawn.

1945/04/30 - These 150 were released by the I.A.N., the jail was fortified and guarded by them till Allied troops arrived.

The 150 PoWs were then flown to India to recuperate.

This included William who was suffering from Avitaminosis, a condition resulting from a deficiency of vitamins.


Rangoon Jail Report




1939-1945 Star-tn


Pacific Star

War Medal

1939-1945 Star

Burma Star


Post War

Believed William worked at the Post Office in Glasgow.



Salvation Army Hostel for men, in London Street, Glasgow, between 1955 and 1957.



Karen McKenna - Niece

Matt Stanyard

Glenda Godfrey

Janice Skilton

KEW Files:- WO 392/25, WO 345/33, WO 361/1947, AIR 40/1855,


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