To honour those who served their country

“In this their finest hour”

Gordon Highlanders-tn



James Donaldson Masson


 Gordon Highlanders

2nd Bn.


Japanese POW


Thailand-Burma Railway



Age: 24

3rd July 1943

While working on the Thailand-Burma Railway


Loved Ones

Son of Helen Masson (dec), and stepson of Lewis Reid (dec) of Methven. Perthshire.

Loved brother of Charlie (dec), John (dec), Margeret (dec), Lewis (dec), Arthur (dec), Helen, Diana (dec), Elizabeth (dec), and all partners and families.

Rest easy we are very proud of you



8. L. 49.




Special Parade


Frederick Noel Taylor


The bugle played the men fell in

Some of them tired and all of them thin,

Patched up shirts and shorts they wore,

Some with less, but none with more,

Bandaged arms and legs by scores,

Old rags that covered their ulcered sores,

Others straight from the malaria bed

With pains in their feet and in their head,

Everyone who could walk was there.

Dark sunken eyes fixed in a stare.

In two lines the men fell in,

And not one was wearing a grin,

Everyone was grim and stern

You wonder why, well you shall learn,

Not a word on that parade was spoken,

Not a word or familiar joke,

Jesting and joking were far apart

For each one there had an ache in his heart.

No funeral march with it's plaintive verse,

No gun carriage there to act as a hearse,

The coffin was carried shoulder high

By four of his pals with a tear in their eye,

The coffin was just a box of wood,

Not a flower or wreath to make it look good,

But the Union Jack was in evidence there

And stopped the box from looking bare.

With steps the procession passed by,

And with it the lad who was sent here to die,

Twelve months of suffering and toil,

Only to be buried on Thailand soil.

But his soul has risen to the heavens above

And with it goes his friends great love,

He's gone to a billet far better then ours

A haven of rest and happy hours,

The parade dismissed and one could note

Every one there had a lump in his throat.

Life it passes just like sand

But the way they saluted, pal it was grand.


''Our Thanks are for being a Chapter in Life.''




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