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Harold Laurence John Martin


Royal Artillery

21 Lt. A.A. Regiment



The Family were all members of the Sussex marching band, Harolds father being the bandmaster for the Sussex area.


Japanese POW

Captured Java

After capitulation on 23rd February 1942 the battery was held at Usapa Besar POW camp until 23 September 1942.



Age 20

between 13/06/1943 and 16/06/1943

Executed on Lt Col Yutani's order at Airnona, Timor, on or about 12 June 1943.

Lt Col Yutani was tried in Darwin and found guilty on all charges on 29th April 1946 and sentenced to death by shooting for the murders of Cpl Armstrong and Gnr Martin. Lt Col Yutani unsuccessfully appealed against the sentence on the grounds that "the capital punishment is unreasonable and excessive" and that the order to execute Cpl Armstrong and Gnr Martin "was issued as a lawful one and obeyed by me as an operational order". The sentence was carried out on 1 August 1946 at Rabaul.


Loved Ones

Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Martin, of Uckfield, Sussex



Column 25.



''Our Thanks are for being a Chapter in Life.''




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