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Frank Lowe


1906/09/05 - Born  Hemsworth, Yorkshire West Riding

Son of Henry and Elinda Lowe

(1894 - Parents, Henry married Elinda Steel in Barnsley, Yorkshire)

1906/09/19 - Baptised Hemsworth, St Helen, Yorkshire

Occupation Public Works Contractors Labourer

Royal Artillery

21 Light Anti Aircraft Regiment



1941/12/06 -The Territorial Chester area 21st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment together with the 77 H.A.A.  and 18 L.A.A. Regiments of the Royal Artillery left the Clyde for the Middle East in Convoy William Sail 14X.

1941/12/08 - Japan attacked Malaya entering the war against Britain

1942/01/13 - By the time WS 14X had reached Durban, South Africa their destination had changed to the Singapore and they sailed in Convoy DM-2 (Durban Malaya -2).

1942/01/19 - Off Mombasa at 01.05 N, 91.28 E they merged with Convoy Bm-12 (Bombay Malaya -12) and were re-routed to Batavia, Java with their supplies.

Empress of australia-3b

1942/02/03 - Arrived Batavia in Empress of Australia.

The 21 L.A.A Regiment deployed one battery to Surabaya airfield defence in the east of Java and a further battery was sent to Koepang, Timor.


1943/03/24 - WO 417/58, Casualty List No. 1091. Reported Missing.

1943/05/03 - WO 417/60, Casualty List No. 1124. Previously posted Missing, Casualty List No. 1091, 01/02/1943. Now reported a Prisoner of War.


Japanese PoW

1942/02/23 - Captured Timor

PoW Camp Ambon

PoW No. 3560

Japanese Index Card - Side One


Japanese Index Card - Side Two


1942/10/21 - When the draft for transportation was assembled, there were many stretcher cases and many of the PoWs collapsed on the march to the docks. At the Tandjong Priok Docks the Tanjong Priok P.O.W. Camp draft of 1000 ( 90 Officers and 910 O.R.s approx ) was joined by a draft of 300 R.A.F., under command of Wing Commander Frowe, and 500 R.A. personnel under command of Lt. Col. Saunders, Royal Artillery.

At 1600 hours the daft of 1800 PoWs embarked onto the Yoshiba Maru and were crammed into the holds.

1942/10/22 - The Yoshida Maru sailed  from Batavia with the 1800 PoWs to Singapore in very bad conditions as the tarpaulins leaked and the water entered the holds.

1942/10/25 - Yoshida Maru arrived at the Roads of Singapore.

1942/10/26 - Reached Keppel Harbour, Singapore. 32 sick PoWs were taken to  Changi-Hospital. The remaining PoWs were herded onto the quay, disinfected and tested for dysentery and cholera (glass rod test). Then herded back aboard the Yoshida Maru

1942/10/28 - Wing Commander Frowe was instructed to draft 200 of his men to join Lt. Col. Saunders' party of 500 being transferred to another ship. Fourteen of the more seriously sick from Tanjong Priok Camp were then transferred to Singapore Hospital.

1942/10/29, 1400 hours - The remaining 1086 disembarked onto the Quay and were disinfected. During the day a further 19 went sick and were sent to shore hospital and 14 replacements were received from Changi P.O.W. Camp, making a total of 1081.

1942/10/29, 1900 hours - The 1081 embarked on the S.S. "Singapore Maru"

Commander Lt-Col. E.R. Scott and the Singapore Maru group were known as the Scott Party (Mystery Party 2).

1942/10/27 - The Singapore Maru (1100 PoWs),  Dainichi Maru (1200 PoWs) and Tofuku Maru (1200 PoWs) set sail to Japan in a convoy. Some of Java Party 5a, 5b and 5c who had sailed earlier from Java and taken to Changi, joined the PoWs in this Japan daft. 

1942/11/03 - Arrived Saigon, French Indo-China

Lt-Col. Scott asked for the sick to be taken off the Singapore Maru but his request was refused.

1942/11/13 - Arrived Takao, Taiwan

8 bodies sent ashore for cremation from the Singapore Maru.

600 Japanese Soldiers embarked on the Singapore Maru.

Departing Taiwan was delayed as there was a bad storm.

1942/11/25 - Arrived Moji, Japan


There are some unknown facts:-

When the Yoshida Maru reached Singapore it stayed in the dock area and no roll was carried out at Changi, so this Java Party is known as Mystery Party 2.

At the dock area we understand 500 PoWs of this 1,800 Mystery Party were transferred from Lt-Col. Saunders party of Royal Artillery and a further 200 RAF, from Wing Commander Frowe’s Party to another ship in the convoy.

It is not clear if Thomas Henry Mullinder was on the Singapore Maru or Dainichi Maru as his Japanese Index Card - Side One does have at the top left FM 6.


Information on the Singapore Maru:-

The Singapore Maru was overcrowded with poor toilet facilities. The holds were not ventilated and dysentery took hold. There were 60 deaths on the voyage.

It is reported that on reaching Moji 280 PoWs were very sick, out of these a 127 died within weeks.

(Read Hell Ship also Affidavit by Lt-Col.Eric Kenneth Scott)


1942/11/27 - Arrived Moji, Japan.

Taken to 1B - Japan with 23 other officers and 242 other ranks.

On the day they arrived at Fukuoka 1B they were in tropical clothing and it snowed. They were not supplied with warmer clothing until March 1943. By that time 31 men had died due to lack of warm clothing, poor food and almost no medical supplies.

The huts, made of thin wood, had leaky roofs and walls patched with newspaper. The damp mud floors were subject to flooding, and fires, for drying purposes were only permitted on very rare occasions. The windows consisted of wooden shutters which were opened in all weathers at 05.00 hrs daily.

The PoWs worked digging trenches round Kengun Airfield and making a road.

1943/01/01 - Renamed Fukuoka PoW Camp Ube Branch Camp Sanyo Detached Camp

Rename Fukuoka 1B - Hakozaki, Japan

This was the final location of Fukuoka 1B, Hakozaki was hidden in a grove of pine trees.

New PoW No. 226

1942/11/28 - Fukuoka added to Index Card

1945/08/15 - Frank on roll at Fukuoka 1B, reported ‘Age 39’ and ‘Healthy’


Numbers of Nationalities at Camp















1945/09/14 - Liberated




HMS Implacable

Embarkation No. 611, Camp Serial No. 8611

2,000 Men and 135 Officers (British, American and Canadian)

(Most Canadians captured Hong Kong, Americans captured Corregidor)

1945/09/25 - Departed Manila, Philippines

1945/10/11 - Arrive Vancouver’s ‘A’ Pier

Then home to Britain


1945/10/05 - Americans disembarked at US Naval Base, Pearl Harbour, Ford Island

1945/10/21 - WO417/98, Casualty List No. 1895. Previously reported on Casualty List No. 1124 as Prisoner of War now Not Prisoner of War. Previous Theatre of War, Netherlands East Indies.




1939-1945 Star-tn

Pacific Star

War Medal

1939-1945 Star



Age 53

2nd October 1959

Hounslow, Middlesex, England



Lillian Roesch

Japanese Transport

Hell Ship

Roll of Honour - Singapore Maru

 Singapore Maru Affidavit

Roger Mansell - Fukuoka 1B

Repatriation Ships

KEW Files:- WO 361/2009, WO 392/25, WO 345/32, WO 361/1254,


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